Gangs to the computer as bait for telephone fraud cheated 52 times ricky lee neely

By , November 19, 2017 2:55 pm

The gang take the computer as the bait for telephone fraud someone cheated 52 times original title: computer for bait someone cheated 52 times. The special firewall Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Xian correspondent Li Zhitian, Hou Quan Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Yujie 85 Xu created their own "telecommunications fraud kingdom" – the "company" by the military management assistant "teachers" and "political commissar", "Colonel" "commander" and "commander" or "soldiers" is Goods are available in all varieties., general staff, is also the main force to fraud, dial telephone fraud. The "Kingdom of fraud" recruiting employees "threshold" – need to recite more than a dozen pages of fraud lines. In order to improve the performance, Xu has developed a set of "incentive mechanism", the monthly assessment "special company" and "special camps" fraud amount up to the team, such as the first order was named the "Snow Wolf team". Most of the employees are 90, one of the youngest soldiers on the fraud about 400000 yuan. Yesterday, the Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference in Gaoming branch on August 17th, Foshan police successfully destroyed a fake 4G network service center, to pay for the 4G wireless Internet packages sent to the tablet computer the way of fraud large telecommunications fraud gangs and arrested 42 suspects, seized 205 sets for the tablet computer fraud. The gang fraud targets across 21 provinces and cities, more than 1500 people cheated. The bait: 900 yuan three years unlimited gave 3000 yuan tablet computer in February this year, Zhao Gaoming suddenly received a number beginning with 020, called "Zhang Xue", a call from the woman, she claimed to be the Guangzhou 4G network service center staff, said the company in order to test the 4G network signal in the country the stability, now launched 900 yuan for three years is not limited to the flow of wireless Internet packages, package handling that is presented in a tablet computer, to help the company to test the network signal. Heard such an attractive discount activities, Ms. Zhao has promised to buy a set of preferential packages. On the second day, the company called to say that tablet PCs and cards have been sent in a cash on delivery. After a few days, Zhao received the company’s mail to the computer, and paid 900 yuan. Fraud: fraud victim into chain sets repeatedly repurchase cannot extricate oneself Zhao happily back to the tablet computer, try to use the Internet, but found that the computer is not on the net. In the dial "staff" after the call, the other seriously carry out a lot of guidance, but in various ways still tried to be invalid, the person said, the company will send a new tablet over, but asked Zhao receipt to pay 800 yuan deposit, if the Internet can replace the EEG. The company will recover, before the computer and return the deposit 800 yuan. Zhao think, anyway, the company promised to refund, service and so good, there should be no problem. But after some twists and turns, the new computer still can not access, contact again "company", an apology, but still require Zhao in the same way, again exchange 8相关的主题文章:

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