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By , April 17, 2018 8:59 am

Fuzhou Yongtai resettlement housing before New Year’s Day launch   affected people before the Spring Festival in Fujian – Channel – people.com.cn original title: Yongtai resettlement of affected people before the Spring Festival New Year’s day before the launch in the summer long Fu resettlement housing is the exterior wall paint. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw Yang Village in Yongtai County, Minhou county and township Danyun, Fuzhou high tech Zone to aid the rural reconstruction resettlement housing has been completed long & Overseas Trading Corporation, is being carried out to paint the exterior and interior decoration, is scheduled to launch a new year’s day. At the same time, the Xiang Dan Yun Cun Yang tou resettlement has completed the main construction, will also be submitted before the new year’s day. Dan Yun Xiang 52 households affected people in the next year before the Spring Festival in the new resettlement housing or housing. According to the Minhou County high tech Zone, Yongtai County Township Danyun aid work group deputy leader Zheng Feng introduction, Danyun township has been hit by typhoon NEPARTAK, landslides, water conservancy, road collapse damaged many houses. In Minhou County, high-tech zones were invested 10 million, and sent 4 cadres to aid Danyun Township resident. Since the reconstruction work carried out, Minhou County high tech Zone, the rapid implementation of aid work, and achieved good results. In the process of "two resettlement housing project, Yongtai suffered a series of 3 typhoon superimposed impact to Danyun roads severely damaged, the basic construction project has been lagging behind. In order to speed up the progress of construction of the flipchart combat mode, in accordance with the time node construction. The workers often change 3 sets of clothes a day in the construction, ensure that the project in an orderly way." Zheng Feng said, Fu Xia long resettlement housing has been completed a total investment of 95%, building 1 and building 2 building, the construction of resettlement housing 46 units, 80 square meters and 100 square meters apartment layout two. The first batch of household housing reconstruction was completed in November 22nd to pay in advance payment, and plans in November 29th to carry out the second batch of households housing reconstruction work. Foreign head resettlement housing, has completed a total investment of 95.3%. Two houses will be submitted in the new year, before the Spring Festival next year to ensure that the affected households to move back to stay. It is understood that the purchase of two resettlement housing, the affected households in the country after the government subsidies to pay only 20 thousand yuan to more than 50 thousand yuan amount. For poor families, the township government has been coordinating the rural credit cooperatives for their loans, currently affected households accelerated process is progressing smoothly. "Second days after the disaster, Minhou County sent more than 113 County Road, the largest excavator came to the point of collapse was reopened, through joint cooperation, rapid road reopened, disaster relief forces into disaster rescue machinery." For assistance in Minhou county and high tech Zone, Danyun township party secretary Chen Xuekui said, Minhou county and high tech Zone has also sent money, construction and agriculture experts counterparts reconstruction, village people deeply touched. At present, in addition to resettlement housing projects, 4 Township Road, 8 Village Road Reconstruction reconstruction have been completed, the brick field bridge, built Ocean Bridge bridge 7 is basically completed. Bridges and roads have been completed to invest 5 million 950 thousand yuan, amounting to a total investment of $95.2%. At present, Minhou county and high tech Zone Construction Project remaining Danyun dam, drainage ditch, rural safe drinking water, restoration, reconstruction work group is actively urge the construction unit to apply)相关的主题文章:

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