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By , November 19, 2017 1:07 am

Sohu real reason for French women don’t love underwear that female friends have not heard of who do not wear underwear on the streets, basically no one heard of it, but this is only in China, and in France the Paris metropolis above have a lot of women do not wear underwear on the streets, it is a French women love to wear underwear, underwear because they think there is a feeling of discomfort, also from the clothing aspect, underwear lines will affect the appearance or vaguely see underwear from the transparent clothing see underwear is indecent. Underwear made in France is quite considerate in this regard. Recently, the silk fabric or lace in 1900s of the ornate underwear and revived, underwear texture is getting thinner and has a good elasticity, in short, is close fitting. Due to the close fitting underwear is also in danger of exposure of the line of the French so many women would be in some cases simply abandon the underwear, their approach is: do not wear a bra wearing a T-shirt, first on the tape in the milk. If the collar is almost open to see the bra, or not wearing a bra is more appropriate. Wearing a low cut dress, can also wear half cover underwear. Wearing pants, Paris women’s wear tights and only cosmetic pad of paper (currently used pantyliners practices more popular). Although Japanese that do not wear underwear for women is not honest woman, but this idea is old, but is able to reveal the briefs line or see printing underwear from white pants, will have a sense of shame. Although not wearing underwear can avoid all kinds of appearance, but the statistics show: do not wear a bra in breast will droop a cm, therefore, women should pay attention to maintain a beautiful chest, especially the adolescent female body when mature, more should be wearing a bra.相关的主题文章:

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