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By , April 16, 2018 7:42 pm

Frame 315th: "true grit" Cohen brothers "true grit", 2010 frame 315th, the climax of this moment from the "true grit", "cock" cowburn officer with an enemy four, face the "lucky Snyder" (four Gang is back to the audience). In the open area, a person hit four people, like Coburn or Dutch act, but wins, he killed three, finally "lucky ned" by Dezhou Ranger Labov from the ultra long distance 400 yards hit a shot. The story is very simple, a 15 year old girl Marty in order to avenge his father, hired the notorious police officer cowburn (Geoff · Briggs ornaments), they traced the fugitive, deep into the wilderness, the Dezhou police also met Labov (Matt & middot; Damon). Marty personally killed an enemy, he also lost his arm. As the film says, there is nothing but the gift of god. In Cohen’s hands, cowbourne became an offbeat hero, he potbellied, boastful, love to drink, marriage, speak not count. But in the decisive moment, he was in high and vigorous spirits. This gun is very realistic and fully and delightfully. In 1969 John · Wayne’s version of "true grit", the hero and heroine together, but in the film, Marty never married, became the subject of discussion old maid. Have sailed the seven seas hard water, she met the best man in the best age, how can she marry someone else? Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章:

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