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Four people eat eggs Huang Yi worse   patients how to eat healthy egg? Fujian Channel – is part of the yellow egg yolk inside, most of the protein in egg yolk are concentrated in part, in addition to the egg yolk is rich in precious fat soluble vitamins, monounsaturated fatty acids, trace elements such as phosphorus and iron on human growth are very useful, edible egg could be taboo. Four people eat egg yolk worse day before, a Canadian study suggests that from thrombosis severity, harm to eat egg yolk is almost equal to the smoking harm 23. For a time, how to eat eggs scientifically and healthily has become a hot topic. Famous nutritionist said that the main component of egg white protein, while the egg yolk is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals and proteins, but also an excellent source of lecithin. As for cholesterol, an egg yolk content of less than 300 mg. For healthy adults, an egg a day is good for health. But for patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high cholesterol and diabetes, should eat less egg yolk, you can eat two or three days, but also to reduce the intake of animal offal and other high cholesterol foods. Sick people how to eat eggs? 1, after eating eggs do not immediately drink milk every morning, do the mother will prepare breakfast for the children. I hope the children can get plenty of nutrition in the early morning. So many mothers will be in the egg into the egg. Or in the children eat egg and let the children with Soybean Milk thirst. In fact, a single drink has a strong nourishing effect of soy milk contains a special substance called pancreatic eggs. 2, after eating egg do not immediately eat egg can not be boiled together with MSG, I believe that many housewives are already known. But you may not know, the egg can not cooking with sugar or sugar to eat afterthe egg is not. Many places have the habit of eating sugar Poached Egg, in fact, this is wrong. 3, after eating eggs do not immediately eat anti-inflammatory eggs rich in protein, inflammation of the time to pay special attention to protein intake. So when inflammation occurs, remember not to eat eggs after taking medicine. In particular, gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea symptoms, more can not eat eggs. Because eggs contain more protein, will increase the burden on the stomach, relative to the effect of the drug, especially fat diarrhea. 4, if every day to eat egg yolk, try not to eat eggs are high protein foods, if eating too much can lead to increased metabolism, but also increase the burden on the kidneys, in general, healthy adults as long as close attention to and control the amount of cholesterol through other ways of meat and dairy products intake, eat 1 egg is appropriate, and try not to eat the yolk cholesterol because the number one egg yolk contains healthy adults every day should eat 2/3.相关的主题文章:

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