Four degrees Chishui animated film today released the theme of national recognition! winpm

By , November 19, 2017 4:11 am

"Four degrees Chishui" animated film today released the theme of national recognition! By the Hubei Yangtze River Film Refco Group Ltd and Wuhan River animation media Limited by Share Ltd jointly produced the main theme of the animated film "four degrees of Chishui" today in the domestic courtyard sync. Following the first two weeks of the trailer has been exposed, "four Chishui" this is not the same theme animation film is not reflecting fire, causing netizens in the discussion about China animation and the main theme of watercress, Baidu Post Bar forum, many viewers watched the trailer after more screaming this is "the coolest China red", "the most handsome Mao Zedong". "The four Chishui" the story of the Central Red Army from Ruijin, battle of Xiangjiang, the Zunyi conference and the way of four Chishui, crossing the Jinsha River, on the road in the north is known as "the history of the long march on the most glorious chapter in the magic" four Chishui historical events of the animated film, with the strength to create the domestic animation and the main theme of the film for the first time the perfect combination! The popular theme, out of the pace of the times as a revolution in the history of the theme of the movie, "the main melody" label has inevitably become "four Chishui" animation and theme of the external image; and other rigid film, "four Chishui" animation film in various aspects, has revealed a rich era breath. Cool realistic art style, excellent effects production, with "dream" in the name of the communist ideal, more pop music "summon" theme song lyrics, "crazy animal city" Nick fox dubbing the voice of Mao Zedong Chang Chen, "on the tongue" China Li Lihong teacher will voice over. To watch today premiere audience in the interview, many of my friends have said, "watch" four Chishui with the usual to see the main theme of the film is very different, popular entertainment elements to join let us have more resonance. Super shock, blood cinema viewing experience to the audience in a more vibrant animated film, "four Chishui" in the scene is full of hard work. The Nanchang uprising and the Autumn Harvest Uprising, Jinggangshan, Xiangjiang, the bloody realignment forced Wujiang, Zunyi battle of the revolution in the famous battle, the film has a special lens to be characterized, and the war in blood and cruelty, everywhere is Gunfire licks the heavens. corpse to starve to death, to the two dimension unique way of processing special effects rendering, so that the audience can have excitement and blood swelling feeling personally on the scene in the theater medium shadow. Many in time in today "four Chishui" premiere at the film’s audience said in the interview, made the main melody movie really made great progress compared to previous years, boring, this film really let us have a Premiership feeling, the main melody of American looking than stimulus the movie "Captain America" what are not much! The most rigorous, outside the weapon war except grand war scenes of blood, "four Chishui" in the details of worthy of praise, for love of weapons and firearms equipped with the audience to watch this movie has a different kind of feeling. The Mauser rifle in the old sleeve, made in Hanyang, "38 big cover" as the representative of the Communist armies in the revolution of ordinary soldier weapon, Czech ZB-36 type light!相关的主题文章:

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