Financial situation of college students online shopping is the largest clothing accessories, women

By , April 18, 2018 11:55 pm

College Students’ financial situation big data: online shopping is the most clothing accessories, women want to make money earlier – bare naked Sohu education loans, unable to repay the loan and jumping, fraudulent use of student ID net loan…… 2016, financial news on College Students’ consumption issues emerge in an endless stream, it seems not to be optimistic. Is this really the case? Where do college students spend their money? Can spend money, can make money? How college students’ intelligence? Whether on their own economic independence, living free and easy? In September 22nd, the ant gold clothing analysis released financial data of Alipay university campus life based on. As the only real name authentication based on the campus community to build the country, the platform is the scene service for college students to grow and learn and entertainment, social interaction based on the platform, there are more than 10 million students in the real name authentication. Based on this sample data show that: 4 of the college students in the last 3 months, the amount of consumption in the amount of $1000 to $5000, the first big net purchase of the top three clothing accessories, 3C digital, household items. Women will be aware of the money will be able to spend money, can not make money? No money, you are not reading people, have to go out to move bricks. Therefore, Alipay’s "campus life" platform, "part-time", "practice" scene information is favored by students. The money is still working part-time college students in addition to home living outside the largest source of income, while the boys, girls, who can work more, make sense? According to the part-time channel registration data, the proportion of men and women were 41:59, overall, women make money awareness awakening earlier. What are the most popular part-time jobs? Data show that in the last 3 months, Russia imported food tasting promotion, steam eye derivative agent, leaflets distributed, decorative painting color, cake shop became the first 5 students part-time work choices. But even so, the consumption of college students at random, the first half of the semester students living beyond, well-off life, the second half of the semester and is not uncommon. Each of the 5 Internet banking users will have 1 students on May 21st by the Tsinghua University media research laboratory, ant gold clothing business school, clear research think tank three party cooperation to complete the "investigation report" China youth financial cognition and behavior, the 90 students have 4 characteristics: Taking Property obvious misunderstanding financial concept; consumer socialization and consumption misplannings coexist; financial awareness and financial business thriving Internet financial literacy lacking; acceptance of high risk and low ability. The survey also found that about 70% of college students have a strong desire to improve their wealth management skills. Among the students surveyed, 41.4% of college students believe that wealth management skills, and more than 28.4% of college students believe that wealth management skills is an essential skill. Taken together 69.8%. Only no more than 30% of college students believe that wealth management skills have little effect, no effect or not clear". It is worth noting that, according to the ant payment service released in January this year, Alipay Universal Bill shows that the gold相关的主题文章:

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