Female teachers on the road to see the phone fell right eye rupture was removed-whereisip

By , April 17, 2018 8:55 am

Female teachers on the road to see the mobile phone right fall was removed and walk to see the broken mobile phone brewing disaster. The National Day holiday, Miss Su walk while sending and receiving text messages, mobile phone is accidentally fall, right eye poke, right eye caused by rupture, but was forced to eyeballs yesterday. The 43 year old MS, taught in a school district. On the morning of 3, as a teacher she visits to students at home. On the road has been using a mobile phone SMS, into the area and not noticing vehicles blocking boulders, immediately fell in the hands of the mobile phone, stabbed eyes, bleeding. After the first treatment in the community hospital, Jane went to the eye hospital. Inspection found that Ms right eye eyeball rupture, pigment film and crystal prolapse, need enucleation of eyeball. Deputy director of the hospital zhengxingke orbital eye physician Du Wei introduction, mercifully, the hurt is a blind eye. Originally, 10 years ago, Ms. right eye blindness due to glaucoma, but the appearance is normal. Yesterday, after nearly 2 hours of surgery, Ms right eye enucleation, and implantation of hydroxyapatite orbital implant installation, wait for three weeks. Du Wei reminder, do not play on the phone to walk, such as the case of accidents has not uncommon. Mobile phone will reduce the attention to the surrounding environment, increase the risk of accidents.相关的主题文章:

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