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By , November 19, 2017 1:04 am

Fashion is not the only label SUV! It can also be defined very black, very smart car – Sohu each person also many of the "content" is different, but I believe that it is always the The more, the better! The man high tech wet car market nowadays, seems to have become the city SUV models of the world, they are all wearing fashionable coat, with "beauty" flirting with young men and women and family users eyes. Consumers are undoubtedly happy, they are being surrounded by the endless fresh feeling… If things go on like this, the focus can reflect the various models of competitive power, then quietly transfer… People will pay attention to the beautiful appearance of a city SUV, but also to see how much it has meaning? The definition of each person also many of the "content" is different, but I believe that it is always the The more, the better! In addition, more cool fashion! In general, a city of SUV style, with its colorful body color can not get away, wanted to highlight the style, natural collocation and fashion darlings can instantly blend color paint. However, we in front of the car X7 Landwind is a unusual way to go hard, but this represents a black body with solemn to go! Yes, the Landwind X7 black edition! This is just a body color, is enough to let you be struck dumb, this is the impression that a dynamic, eye-catching Landwind X7? There is no doubt that the body color is Landwind X7 the most popular color, the Landwind X7 black version, is also has a unique charm! It becomes more and more cool connotation! Looking at those famous classic models, the black version in addition to highlight the powerful aura, also with full of mystery… X7 Landwind black version is so! It is revealed by the cool style, is the color version of the incomparable, mysterious and deep gas field, it is a magic weapon to attract consumers! High value with high configuration, in order to prove strength! Floating roof, rising waistline and those everywhere and with just perfect chrome trim, these are high value part of Lu Feng X7. However, in the face of consumers want to be attractive enough, but also have a high level of configuration. In the shape of parts, the Landwind X7 performance naturally not ambiguous, it offers consumers the sense of technology and convenience, there is no doubt that. In the headlights, X7 Landwind equipped with light source LED daytime driving lights and front marker lights. When in use, it has seen the headlights group obviously shows the personalized knowledge, and should have the sense of science and technology. The vehicle in the front, rear view mirror, rear part, are equipped with a visual camera, which formed the whole car ° image system, for users, this feature has played a sufficient parking assist. The rim collocation, X7 Landwind is he not only has the dual color create new styles, and matte black two kinds of color, with electroplated type wheels, in the domestic market, so that the original configuration is very rare… Cockpit to younger, more intelligent!相关的主题文章:

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