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By , July 25, 2018 6:53 am

Food-and-Drink Out of all the cuisines all over the world, one cuisine that is loved by everybody is seafood. And why not-They not only taste delicious but are also extremely healthy. They contain fatty acids which are rarely found in any other form of meat. And hence we take pride in being the most sort-after seafood restaurant. Mahesh lunch home can be found in major cities of India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai and Pune. Seafood majorly consists of fishes and shellfish. Because they are vast, you can find many different types of fishes. Right from shellfish, crabs to prawns- you can get a taste of all these, all cooked in different styles and especially Butter Garlic crab . Taste our special seafood dishes: At Mahesh lunch home which is currently the most favorite and the best seafood restaurant, you can get a taste of all these with great ambience and efficient service at your behest. When we first started, our Surmai curry was the most desired dish. Now as times have passed, we are proud to be presenting you with so many more varieties of fishes. Currently, our specialty is Butter Garlic crab . Our chefs make sure that they cook garlic crab in the healthiest and most hygienic situations. So you do not have to really ponder over the taste and hygiene. The kitchen is well maintained and our chefs are experts in their job. Authentic seafood served in the best possible taste: Being the first restaurant to give authentic Mangalorean seafood, so far we have been able to keep our guests happy with our dishes. We strive each day to ensure we are able to continue doing so. There are many other dishes that seafood has and our specialty remains in Butter Pepper Garlic crab , prawns, fish tawa fry, lobster and Gassi. They are our signature dishes and have been the most demanded dish so far. If you have missed out eating any of these, then you might want to feast on these special dishes. Try Gassi for lunch: For those who do not what Gassi is, it is a rich creamy fish sauce. It is less of curry and less of dry; it usually has thick gravy that will leave you licking your fingers. Known for so many specialties, you can either try these or you can still explore our other dishes. With a team of expert-chefs like ours, any dish will not leave you unsatisfied. You can visit us with a bunch of friends or family and enjoy a quiet yet sumptuous dinner or lunch. You can relish on all this with a glass of wine. We keep ensuring to explore and experiment with our recipes so that we serve you the best and the most unique seafood you may have ever tasted. Seafood is something nobody has ever regretted eating. So if you havent explored this cuisine, you can still visit us and have an enriching experience. With the most unique spices and styles used, you are sure to have a delicious lunch or dinner time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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