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By , April 19, 2018 3:04 am

Experts say | how to deal with anxiety in the bed? – Sohu when the mother and child grew up, there will be a very strange phenomenon. As parents, we get up in the morning, often find themselves have a black eye! Why is this so? A look ~ night with their children sleep in the same bed so we like you and that you really long story ah…… So generally speaking, children grow up, parents sleep time will be more thrilling". And this time it is necessary to consider allowing the child to sleep. But want to let the kids myself to sleep, is a persistent problem! Today we are the experts that gifted children to parents about "bed anxiety", let each parents and children can "sleep" success, then have a good sleep. A typical case: Lele is almost 3 years old, slowly began to try to sleep in separate bedrooms. But it is hard to say. Just turn off the lights down, he heard a knock at the door, said he would have little room, said he would fall in the mother room with toys…… The children rushed back to his room to sleep, the second day early in the morning, saw he curled up in my parents room door was going to sleep, parents are reluctant to treat the child, bed plan ended in failure. Many parents will encounter difficulties in bed sleeping in separate rooms, what do better? Psychological analysis: parents and children bed and sleep in separate rooms difficult, because the child’s attachment to the mother is the most primitive instinct, children will be reluctant to leave her mother. Separated from their parents, without the company of their parents, the child will be afraid of fear: fear of the dark, afraid of loneliness, fear of the imagination of people and things, which is the child refused to sleep alone. He may even feel that his mother does not like himself, and therefore emotional loss, causing greater emotional fluctuations. In the end how old children sleep separately appropriate? Generally speaking, parents from the child after the age of 3 with the child slowly try to sleep in separate bedrooms, to 5-6 before the completion of this process is more appropriate. Children are too young to sleep with their parents, usually make the child a sense of security, may be abandoned by the mother feeling. And 3 years of age, the baby has no independent ability to survive, there is no parent to sleep will be afraid, will affect the child’s personality and communication skills. Too late and children time to sleep is not good. According to Freud’s theory of development, 4-6 years old is the bud, the children began to realize the gender differences between men and women, if late with their parents to share the sleep, can also affect the child’s mental health. Expert advice: with the children sleep in separate bedrooms, master these skills will be relaxed: "01" from the bed room began to act with undue haste will let the child lack a sense of security, prone to fear, so one can start by bed room, let the children slowly adapt and transition. The "02" and the time when children, parents do not lock the door if conditions permit, the mother can sleep when open the door, let the child in the sight of their own, so that you can!相关的主题文章:

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