Expert military combat advanced means nothing for China reef deployment 3edyy

By , November 16, 2017 4:52 pm

Expert: military combat advanced means nothing for China reef deployment data figure: Chinese Nansha Island garrison exposure original title: Expert: military combat advanced means of Chinese Island nothing with Japanese commercial deployment report website 29 reported that the military China in Spratly Islands building artificial islands and other moves, military leaders and a think-tank there are many arguments, one of the main claims that "for a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group, marine power, there is no need to over emphasize the threat of Chinese". But many academics and military commanders don’t see it that way. Reported that the latter believes that the involvement of the regional anti denial Chinese (A2 AD) the ability to "talk is stronger than the effect of printing". Recently, the U.S. Navy’s strategic expert Thomas · Shughart strong concerns about the construction of artificial island base Chinese show, and released a prominent Liberation Army built "air base" meaning in the picture on the Internet on Yongshu reef. Photo shows the base covers an area equivalent to Chinese Suixi Air Force Air Force Base (2 air division sixth aviation regiment, with Sue -27 and f -11 fighter). In other words, Artificial Island air base can be stationed 1 air corps. According to this algorithm, the entire Spratly Islands, the PLA can deploy 3 air corps. Moreover, the base can also take off and landing bombers and large transport aircraft, as well as the deployment of high-performance radar monitoring systems, anti-ship missiles and anti-aircraft missile systems and cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. Therefore, the PLA army can implement Bimei nuclear powered aircraft carrier stronger air combat capability in the South China Sea sea. Reported that the aircraft carrier is different, artificial base can not move. Some U.S. experts are optimistic that the current U.S. military precision strike means so advanced conditions, regardless of the people’s Liberation Army under the fixed carrier "on how to deploy missiles, U.S. and allied troops can accurately through attack to lose its function. But don’t forget, China’s artificial island base area. For example, a 3000 meter runway built in Zhubi reef, also built for ships and transport ships docked at the pier, and the U.S. Pacific Fleet headquarters in Pearl Harbor (not comparable area). In addition to the mischief reef, the base area to deploy missile attack in washington. Moreover, the people’s liberation army deployed on the island of Spratly Islands various missiles launched by the mobile launch vehicle. The U.S. military plans to attack the PLA’s mobile launch device with precision strikes will face difficulties.相关的主题文章:

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