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By , November 14, 2017 10:05 pm

The experience of shopping spree instead of mainland tourists to visit Hong Kong become more rational consumption Beijing – the past "eleven" holiday in Hong Kong, mainland tourists in Hongkong Tsim Sha Tsui sea. Lv Xiaowei photo every holiday, the number of mainland visitors, like the Hongkong tourism thermometer. Just past the "eleven" golden week, the number of tourists visiting the mainland, an increase of about 7%, but the retail shops and hotel turnover is not so growth. The industry believes that the mainland visitors to Hong Kong and tourism consumption mode is changing, the "individual visit" has become the dominant, Hongkong should adjust the strategy of tourism development, continue to attract visitors from the mainland. Hongkong Immigration Department figures show that this year "eleven" golden week, the number of inbound tourists from the mainland about 1 million 190 thousand passengers, representing an increase of about 7% over the same period last year. In addition, according to the data provided by the industry, during the golden week, Hongkong received an average of about 170 to 180 mainland tour group, less than the same period last year, the group of 220 per day, personal tour is nearly double digit growth. Hongkong tourism sector legislator Yao Sirong said, in recent years, the "individual visit" has become the leading market of mainland tourists visiting the swim team number tends to fall. The industry continues to attract visitors to Hong Kong with a very cheap price to induce them to shop, in order to operate this mentality tour, certainly no prospects." Yao Sirong believes that the "individual visit" the implementation of the more than and 10 years, many mainland visitors understand the existing in Hongkong, and the mainland in recent years to promote conservation, consumption patterns of mainland visitors become more rational, Hongkong retail, catering and hotel industry should not be attached to previous high profits and income. Shopping, in recent years, mainland tourists generous shopping spree phenomenon has not much. National Day holiday this year, the media pointed out that the turnover of the relevant retail industry fell 5% to $20%. Liang Yaolin, President of the Hongkong inbound tourism reception association analysis, individual travel consumption patterns are different from the tour group travelers, and now the time of stay is shorter, the overall cost may be reduced. Now travelers will spend more money on the purchase of cosmetics, medicines and other commodities, the purchase of luxury goods such as jewelry, not as many passengers in the past. In addition, the previous tour will go to restaurant meals, individual visitors are to tea restaurant restaurants and other characteristics. The hotel industry, the business and official exchanges from the mainland more active, hotel prices can be set high, and often appeared in five star hotel room hard to find, but now as a passenger in their own consumption market, the hotel will have to adjust the price should be the peak season and off-season. Last year, the average price fell 10% to $20%, and this year’s "Golden Week" of, although the occupancy rate is high, but the price fell by 5% to $10%. From the beginning of the first day of National Day holiday, the Hongkong Immigration Department announced a day visiting Mainland passenger numbers, generally more than the same period last year. Dong Yaozhong, director general of the Tourism Industry Council, said that this reflects the mainland tourists to choose more personal travel to Hong Kong, Hongkong is still attractive; as the number of team travel fell, it is expected. Dong Yaozhong said, nearly two years of mainland tourists travel choice is more diversified, the number of golden week mainland inbound tours have declined, but individual visitors still dimension)相关的主题文章:

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