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By , April 17, 2018 6:20 pm

Erwin or James 14 years to break the monopoly of second points when the first emperor –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on November 1st, Lebron James has not worked as a occupation career within the team two scorer, he has been the team scoring, according to the first three games of the regular season, Kaili – Erwin is expected to become a knight in scoring, the media about Erwin became the first season scoring over teammate james. Erwin scored 25 points in the first three games of the Cavaliers, averaging a total of 21 points in the field of James. Erwin averaged 21 shots, James averaged 15.3 shots, James averaged 10 assists, Erwin averaged 4 assists. James career averages of 27.2 points, he also need to get 51 minutes more than Hakim – Olajuwon (26946 points) history ranked tenth scorer. James is a good scorer, but Erwin’s scoring ability in the last season, he was impressed, he has two games to get 50+, respectively, 55 points and 57 points. If Erwin continue in this state, so he is expected to break the James 14 years team scoring monopoly. James’s 14 year career, only the 2010-2011 season Miami Miami Dwayne Wade is averaging close to James, Wade was averaging 25.5 points and James averaged 26.7 points. James recognized Erwin’s ability to score today after training, Lebron said: "Kaili does not have any weakness, especially in the attack, he has been very great, can jump, shoot the three ball, impact inside, so he has no weakness." Cleveland coach tyronn Lue said Kevin – Carrefour will join James, Erwin scored to boom, "I want to say, we have three great players, three all star, I can’t say who the match 30 points, who end up 25 points. Kevin and Kaili have a great game. I can’t tell who will be the winner." Le Fu in the first three games in the field also scored a score of 20 points, as long as the past two seasons as long as the giants scored more than 20 points, the Cavaliers record of 15 wins and 1 negative. Erwin said it is not the first to score a goal, scoring the king is not important, we can share, I certainly want to see the Lebron style game, he just did not do." "I think the sky is the limit of the child," James said of Erwin. "He’s only 24 years old, so he has a lot of room for improvement." (CHE)相关的主题文章:

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