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Enjoy the beauty of the city of Wuhan new civilization – Hubei channel: people.com.cn original title: new Wuhan enjoy the beauty of the city civilization students visit the general assembly line of car. Reporter Yang Shaokun is another year of school opening season, in order to let students understand Wuhan, love Wuhan, into Wuhan, yesterday, 2016, "millions of college students see Wuhan" activities in Optics Valley Exhibition Center started. Activities organized by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal civilization office, the Yangtze River Daily newspaper group and other organizers. At the start ceremony, representatives of 10 freshmen from Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology received the first free gifts to Wuhan — free bus cards and the "most Wuhan" handbook. Since 2012, our city has donated a "Wuhan Tong" bus card and "the most Wuhan" pocket book to every university freshman every year, and has sent welfare to new college students for fifth consecutive years". 2015, "my university, my city, pat" annual awards, issued on the same day. Through the network platform voting and expert review two links, selected the annual award. At one or two, third-prize 9 Huazhong Normal University students Jiang Yuqi. "Millions of college students see Wuhan" is an important cultural brand of our city. This year is the third session. In the future, there will be a series of activities such as "my university, my city", the trip to Wuhan, the healthy running of big Wuhan, the tourism festival of college students, the integration of districts and universities, and the series of activities of University city. Li Shuyong, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Minister of publicity, attended the launching ceremony. She introduced the history and culture of Wuhan to the scene of the freshmen, and encourage students to study hard, make efforts to move forward, the spirit and the inexhaustible motive force for the development of Wuhan city youth, writes the splendid chapter of your life. "Before I visited Wuhan, Wuhan is a very atmospheric City, I want to stay in Wuhan later development."." Student Zhang Yu said. "Car assembly line automation degree is very high, all is computer operation control."." After Cao Zihang’s visit to the General Company, he said, "long knowledge", and more determined to learn the professional determination. "Wuhan is very enthusiastic, very love this city, came to feel, the development potential of Wuhan is smaller than Shanghai." Cao Zihang said. Most of the freshmen participating in the experience tour come to Han for the first time. During the journey, love self timer "95 after" people have come up with mobile phones, and the city photo, and then coupled with a few after the tour feel micro-blog, circle of friends, the first time to share with family and friends. "The city landscape of Wuhan is so fascinating." Student Huang said: "in the night of the two rivers and four banks, the scenery is mild and atmosphere, the city buildings are well proportioned, very modern. The bright lights and the human landscape along the coast are very different from the scenery of their hometown, which reminds me of the desire to explore the beauty of the city of Wuhan." (reporter Li Fang) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun)

新武汉人共赏文明城市之美–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:新武汉人共赏文明城市之美 学生们参观通用轿车装配线。记者杨少昆 摄   又是一年开学季,为了让大学生了解武汉、热爱武汉、融入武汉,昨天,2016年“百万大学生看武汉”活动在光谷展示中心启动。   活动由市委宣传部、市文明办、长江日报报业集团等主办。启动仪式上,来自武汉大学、华中科技大学等10所大学的新生代表领到了初到武汉的礼物――免费公交卡和“最武汉”手册。我市从2012年起,每年都会向每位大学新生赠送一张“武汉通”公交卡和“最武汉”口袋书,已连续第5年向新入学大学生派“福利”。   2015年“我的大学我的城?随手拍”年度大奖同日颁发。经过网络平台投票和专家评审两个环节,评选出年度大奖。华中师范大学学生江宇祺等9人分获一、二、三等奖。   “百万大学生看武汉”活动是我市一项重要的文化品牌,今年是第三届。今后将陆续举行“我的大学?我的城”系列活动、人文武汉之旅、“边跑边看大武汉”健康跑、大学生旅游节、“区校融合”共建大学城系列活动等。   市委常委、宣传部长李述永出席启动仪式。她向现场的大学新生们介绍了武汉的历史文化,并鼓励同学们努力学习,奋发图强,以勇往直前的拼劲和源源不竭的青春动力,为武汉城市发展书写精彩人生篇章。   “以前就来武汉玩过,武汉是座非常大气的城市,我以后就想留在武汉发展。”学生张羽说。   “轿车装配线的自动化程度很高,全部是计算机操作控制。”学生曹子航在参观完通用公司后大呼长见识,也更坚定了学好专业的决心。“武汉人很热情,很喜欢这个城市,来了之后才感觉到,武汉的发展潜力不比上海小。”曹子航说。   参加体验游的大学新生多数是首次来汉。旅途中,爱自拍的“95后”们纷纷拿出手机,与城市合影,再配上几句游后感晒到微博、朋友圈第一时间与家人、朋友分享。   “武汉的城市景观太让人神往。”学生小黄说:“夜色中的两江四岸风景温婉又不失大气,城市建筑错落有致、很现代。璀璨的灯火和沿岸的人文景观都跟家乡的景色有着巨大的差别,这些都勾起了我探寻武汉‘城市之美’的欲望。”(记者李芳)    (责编:张沛、张隽)相关的主题文章:

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