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By , June 15, 2018 1:54 pm

Health Encouraging your employees to be healthy benefits everyone involved. Sometimes the drive to create a healthy workforce isn’t enough motivation to create an employee wellness program. Most employers and companies recognize that wellness programs provide the implicit benefit of keeping people healthy. However, there is an underlying and sometimes more motivating reason that many companies choose to create an employee wellness program. The program will save the company money. There are a few key ways that wellness programs can save money for a company. Perhaps the most apparent cost savings is in the productivity of the staff. A staff that is encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle will have a higher morale and miss less work. This seems easy enough to understand. If you’re happy and healthy, you’ll be sick less often. You’ll also be less interested in taking off work for ‘mental health’ days from exhaustion or lack of morale. Turnover is also reduced by employee wellness. A company that places value on employee health will attract youthful, energetic individuals. This means that you’ll attract better candidates and lose them to attrition less often. Companies with employee wellness programs are generally seen as being more committed to their employees. They are seen as being more caring. Healthy people also work more effectively while on the job. Good health leads to high stamina and quality decision making. A staff of healthy individuals is therefore more productive and successful in their actions. The less obvious cost-saving benefit of employee wellness programs involves your health insurance plans. Companies pay for costly health claims when sick or unhealthy employees utilize their health insurance. While companies want their employees to get the most of their health insurance, it is always beneficial to seek preventative measures. It is better for the company if employees choose to maintain good health rather than to seek medical care reactively, particularly if the medical care could have been prevented with a healthy lifestyle. Research has consistently shown that workers who are high-risk medically will cost their companies more. If you want the best employees at the lowest cost, it will always be beneficial to promote health and wellness. Often the best way to do this is with a workplace wellness program. About the Author: Sandra Breeding has been working in the healthcare and employee wellness industry for twenty years. She is an expert in employee wellness programs and she is the founder and owner of a successful company that provides a corporate wellness program model to employers, wellness vendors, insurance companies, medical groups, hospitals and benefits groups. Lotusea can be found at .www.lotusea.com. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Health 相关的主题文章:

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