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By , April 17, 2018 8:57 am

Eleven where is the holiday? The Ji’nan Golden Week travel guide? Eleven golden week is coming, for the majority of tourists rich holiday life, Ji’nan City Department of tourism, tourism enterprises to the rich and colorful tourist activities, and introduced a variety of preferential measures. There is a traditional folk experience, family carnival, and climbing Ganqiu, pastoral picking, and mountain arts, bathing and leisure…… Ji’nan Tourism Development Committee to bring you to enjoy eleven tourism feast. Eastern family fun enjoy folk Ji’nan wild animal world (Zhangqiu) held during the holiday "animal Trolltech parade" event, where visitors can see the small train, small tiger, alpaca, pony, lizard, gold python, Mr. clown and bouncing dragon actor to form a huge parade, there is close interaction with visitors, according to the requirements in the scan code to call mysterious large coffee activities can obtain animal feeding coupons or rides coupons, in the official website of one day in advance booking eligible 10 yuan discount, Tel 83772666; during the Ji’nan wild animal world Zhangqiu Baimaiquan scenic holiday to celebrate the National Day launched a series of activities, held to celebrate the National Day, autumn chrysanthemum Exhibition ", guzheng performances, classic tea tea ceremony, and invited the crystal sugar painting, weaving, figurines, and other folk paper-cut. The traditional crafts of live performances, tickets for 50 yuan, 83213421 telephone consultation; during Zhujiayu scenic area in October 1st to 15, Zhangqiu famous street will hold the opening ceremony of the Transformers street Zhujiayu station theme tour, and organized folk culture, intangible cultural heritage program shows, tickets for 40 yuan, Tel 83806677; Zhu Jiayu Ji’nan plant park now until October 7th held into the plant kingdom, the root of the mystery ", Jin Qiu, Jin Qiu and rose Dance Season tours the world bamboo Quest series of activities, when tourists can see more than 100 species, more than 66000 strains may bloom season scenery, enjoy the colorful bamboo crafts in the North, the largest bamboo garden in scenic areas there will be a live demonstration of the black pottery selling tickets for 30 yuan, 80950822 telephone consultation; during the Ji’nan Ziyuan herb garden holiday held into the body The edge of the most vast prairie, enjoy the vanilla flowers, the most beautiful met you ", then to the Mongolia song and dance performances for tourists friends, children climbing, forest adventure, challenge the limit, the Taishan expansion project, tickets for 40 yuan, 70 years old and 1.2 meters below the children free telephone consultation, 83781177; lotus Huashan scenic area from now until October 7th held in Huashan Red Lotus Festival, tickets for 20 yuan, 18823170966 telephone consultation; during the holidays in Jinping mountain tourist resort can enjoy the scenery, climbing a wishing, tickets for 50 yuan, 30 yuan, forty percent off adult students have student ID half off 25 yuan, 60 to 70 years old to the elderly half off / 25 yuan per person, 70 years old and 1.2 meters below the children free of charge, Tel 83730666; during the kings valley landscape park launched a holiday slide tickets activities, 480 meters Slide the winding ups and downs, will.相关的主题文章:

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