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Eighth strawberry conference debut next year: cute little Changfeng "Mei" to speak – Anhui channel — people.com.cn people.com.cn October 14 Hefei Xinhua (Liu Tiantian) Eighth China conference and the thirteenth Strawberry Strawberry Festival, will be held in Changfeng County of Anhui city of Hefei province in mid February 2017. This afternoon, the theme of the conference, the emblem of strawberry, LOGO freshly baked, the mascot "Meimei" in the lovely image of fresh appearance: it is to "strawberry" as design elements, combined with the traditional China doll design, with a smile, the right hand, left hand to welcome praise posture, warmly welcome home and abroad to participate in the General Assembly the guests. The emblem, LOGO to Changfeng "Feng", with "strawberry, 8, ribbon, Phoenix", highlighting the various visual elements of eighth strawberry assembly. Ribbon dancing, is the link of development cooperation, to convey the vitality. The wings of the Phoenix, showing the development prospects of Changfeng strawberry industry in the future. The mascot to Changfeng strawberry as the design foundation, Torina Mimi, is the embodiment of youthful beauty. Show the thirteenth strawberry cultural festival market vitality. Image lines clear, eye-catching color, let a person shine. Lively and lovely design, more likely to have a sense of intimacy. The image of "please" gesture on behalf of openness and sharing, sharing the meaning of Changfeng economic and social development and industrial development of strawberry fruit. Welcome guests, the development of the feast. People.com.cn Anhui channel in an interview that the four annual conference is to show the China strawberry strawberry new frontier science and technology achievements of the academic event, but also lead the development trend of the world’s strawberry industry benchmark, has a wide reputation and influence. The eighth session of the General Assembly co sponsored by the China Institute of Horticulture Branch of strawberry and Changfeng County People’s government. By then, will gather well-known experts at home and abroad, leaders at all levels, provincial and municipal representatives, business executives, large wholesale market leaders, electricity providers and representatives of strawberry sales agents and more than 500 ginseng. The conference to "innovation, health and sharing" theme, advocacy "Changfeng strawberry, my Confidante, one or two, three" to create a model of the integration of the leading urban agriculture culture model, with a berry in the media, festival stage, full publicity, display and promotion of Changfeng image. Changfeng is known as "China strawberry capital" reputation, through thirty years development of strawberry planting scale, has become the most characteristic, the most scale and most influential, the most popular, the most popular characteristic agriculture. 2016, the county strawberry cultivation area of 210 thousand acres, to beauty, Feng Xiang and other kinds of fresh food based, is expected to total output will exceed 350 thousand tons, the output value of up to $4 billion 500 million. There are strawberry growers in more than 80 thousand households, employing 175 thousand people, 360 thousand people to benefit farmers, the emergence of water lake, Luo Tong, left, Yi Jing shop, Duji 5 strawberry acres Township, the township has a berry Park, village planting ", highlighting the industrial agglomeration effect, for many years in the production of strawberry the first county. Changfeng strawberry, beautiful, sweet in the heart, the fruit is rosy, soft and juicy, sweet and crisp, refreshing flavor, rich nutrition, rich in minerals, is regarded as the fruit of the treasures. )相关的主题文章:

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