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By , July 23, 2018 9:21 pm

UnCategorized In the midst of an unexpected situation when someone wants to harm you, your first instinct is to protect yourself from any danger that this person is planning to do. So when someone is threatening your life, you have to do anything possible to get yourself out of danger. To avoid any situations that could risk your life, you need to follow the exact things that experts advise everyone to follow. First, is to stay away from possible places that prove to be dangerous like dark places. Always keep your senses on guard when walking. Be alert when someone is following you. Also, it would help if you are ac.panied by your friends when walking in dangerous places. And because a growing number of Americans are realizing the importance of self-defense, the market now offers self-defense weapons and security products that could go a long way in keeping you safe from any harm. Most of the self-defense weapons available today are fairly inexpensive and can be easily concealed. As .pared to firearms, you do not need any license when carrying them as the use of these weapons is legal. These self-defense weapons are called non-lethal weapons since they could not seriously hurt or kill your attacker hence you are free from any criminal charges. Though you are the victim here, it is still not your right to put an end to the life of the perpetrator of the crime. Let justice do its course and punish the one guilty. Your main purpose of having a self-defense weapon is to protect yourself from harm and not to convict the criminals. Moving on, the pepper spray is one of the weapons used of victims of robbery and other violent acts. This is mostly preferred by most women because this is small and can be easily concealed in your purse or handbag. Once this is sprayed in the eyes of the attacker, it could temporarily blind the person and allows you to escape from the criminal. Other effects of pepper spray are runny nose and coughing. Once this is sprayed, it will take full effect in a total of 45 minutes. This is enough time for you to run and go to the nearest police station to report such incident. Other self-defense weapon that could save your life .es in the form of personal alarms. These create a loud noise and could draw attention to other pedestrians hence discourage the criminals from doing the crime. This weapon best works in a place crowded with people since many can hear the alarm. But if you are in a deserted place, this device proves to be futile so it would be best to look for other alternatives. There are also stun guns that would be effective when escaping from a near-death situation. These electroshock weapons will temporarily paralyze your attacker through the high-power voltage. This weapon could even disguise as a cell phone, pen or even flashlights hence your attacker would not easily recognize that his acts would not materialize. With the many choices you have today, you just have to take your pick and feel secure even when walking alone at night. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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