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By , November 17, 2017 12:21 am

Educational institutions with "energy class" cited questioned said can absorb the "cosmic energy" – Beijing students Xiaokui said, she was sent to a mother named "day to culture" educational institutions of learning. The first day of the course, the other for her "wisdom" in a short period of time after she wrote hundreds of poems, but no quality of poetry requirements. Also in the classroom set up energy capsule, said to absorb the energy of the universe". The company of a responsible person surnamed Xie denied, said the company and China children’s culture and art foundation of cooperation in public projects, this statement was China children’s culture and art foundation denied. Beijing City Public Security Bureau reply by micro-blog users, has been concerned about the matter. – Report "in the universe" teacher training Xiaokui (a pseudonym) said, she is a middle school student, poor grades. Her mother suspected her addiction because of distraction, after a friend introduced to the day of culture". The body of a teacher surnamed Xie had good "reborn to the mother promised". In November 7th and November 8th, Xiaokui underwent two days of training within the institution. My teacher said, playing an audio for her, let her eyes closed, imagine yourself into a park, there is a pavilion in the park, there is a "universe" teacher of the pavilion, he will give me the questions, let me write." Let my feel strangely, in the classroom a purple energy class, the teacher asked her to enter the cabin "energy to absorb cosmic energy". In addition, the teacher teaching content is simple, do not write any guidance when writing, do not make any changes. Only required quantity." The first day, the teacher asked her to write more than and 20 songs, second days out of 150, third days will raise the number to 300. In my strong resistance, she did not participate in the third days of training. Later, she had to help users, causing users to pay attention to, there are users suspected of this training institutions suspected pyramid schemes or spread cult. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro reply users said, has been concerned about the matter. Yesterday, my mother said, children addicted to mobile phone, poor academic performance, after a friend introduced her to find the training institutions, "no charge me a penny, I also saw the children write poetry, think to improve quickly." WeChat public account – Survey on the 9 day training course price 19800 yuan to the training institutions, "to day (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd." as the main account. Reporter inquiry found in the city of Beijing enterprise credit information network, the operating range of the organizational culture and art exchange activities (not including performance); business planning; conference and exhibition services; design, production, agents, advertising and other business. The company set up 6 types of training courses, ranging from $39800 to $500, the length of training is two days, a month long. Reporters to the identity of parents of students with the company to contact a teacher surnamed tao. Pottery teacher said, there is no large-scale enrollment, but the students are very good, one of many students drop out after the level of poetry ", even after the training is not up to his Chinese teacher". There is a countdown to the first child, after training, has made more than 2 thousand idioms Tibetan head poem, is being applied相关的主题文章:

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