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By , April 15, 2018 12:20 pm

"Dusknoir today released" midnight surprise exposing four major Sohu entertainment by France new director Zhang Kunyi’s love horror film "dusknoir" will be held today officially landing in theaters nationwide to meet with the audience. The film brings together Vine, Na Renhua, Lu Ling Jie, Du Yuming, Li Longjun and many other film stars, suspense thriller interwoven retro beautiful love, full of surprise, ahead of the point mapping more frequent praise from the audience. What "dusknoir" charm let fans stop? Four things to watch for your secret "dusknoir" highly sought after truth. One point: emotional entanglements across the two generation greed craze for love madness greed craze, feeling difficult, more difficult to let go. The movie "dusknoir" about such a spanning two generations into the horror story of love. Female college student Zhao Ziyu is often a childhood dream of winding, accompanied with bestie Qi Michelle dependence. Because the car accident on the wheelchair trees unable to get up after a fall has lost confidence in life, the rain on love and never find the courage to express his thoughts, aunt found tree, find the rain, she hopes to help the forest back to normal life. In this process, a lot of long hidden secret has been uncovered. "Dusknoir" is a horror film, the film core is beautiful and moving, people lamented the love story. Director Zhang Kun a conscious use of women’s emotional grasp of the delicate grasp of the relationship between the sexes, feelings and growth, such as multi-dimensional themes into the tense and exciting suspense plot. Can not get the situation, can not solve the knot, can not go back to the edge of the film is the director of the role of the relationship between refined interpretation. "No love" and "love" such emotional dilemma, whether can find an antidote, perhaps watching the movie you can find the answer. Aspect two: new style subversion of horror theme and aesthetic thriller mixed warm and cold from the previous domestic horror film to play bad customs standard elements of the "ghost" "legend" and "erotic", "dusknoir" can be regarded as the domestic thriller in a stream. "Dusknoir" against the previous domestic thriller is full of nonsense, don’t scream, haunted not playing erotic edge ball, don’t play "ghost village" "mystery" concept of nothingness. From the perspective of international law with director Zhang Kunyi in the independent vanguard, imitating the western art film shooting style, combining realism and poetic, with exquisite lens language by the film tells the story of a beautiful and fear the child heart story. "Dusknoir" to describe the psychological fear in the dark more penetrating, create new styles into the main color Ming Li warm visual experience. Stealth bloodthirsty murder sorcerer to female master lingering childhood nightmares, night is the incentive psychological audience fear, horror and suspense sense of thrill. But the actress for memories, love the first actor actress eyebrows when warm scene, a swap terrorist atmosphere dabs of rare warm humanity. The film by switching the brightness and contrast of gloomy, the visual stimulus at the same time, also provide background on the emotional change characters of ups and downs, and intertwined, leaving the audience startled long aftertaste thoughtful, unforgettable. Aspect three: small meat collar.相关的主题文章:

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