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By , July 24, 2018 9:01 am

Finance The recent Duqu 2.0 malware attack on Kaspersky Lab is believed to be a case of stolen Digital Signature Certificate. As per the experts, the attackers behind this malware attack may have sued the stolen digital signature from the legitimate hardware manufacturers to sign the malware. A 64-bit driver was used in the attack against Kaspersky Lab that had a digital signature from Taiwan-based renowned electronics manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Co, popularly known as Foxconn, said researchers. Some of the worlds foremost tech companies, like of Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Google and Sony uses the hardware produced by Foxconn. On this malware attack, Kaspersky said that Duqu attackers have used the malware with Realtek, JMicron and Foxconn digital signature in previous attacks, though there is no confirmation that any of these companies have been reached. Principal security researcher of Kaspersky, Mr Kurt Baumgartner said that Valid 2048-bit digital certificates owned and maintained by Foxconn were used to sign Duqu 2.0 malicious drivers. There is no other way for Duqu to misuse these digital signature for 64-bit windows driver loading than to steal them. Mr Kurt also explained that Duqus use of these digital certificates required that they be revoked by Verisign. During the malware attack, Duqu threat actors installed malicious drivers on firewalls, gateways or other servers that had direct internet access on one side and corporate network access on the other. It helped the attackers to achieve multiple goals simultaneously. They accessed internal infrastructure from the internet, avoided long records in corporate proxy servers and maintained a form of determination. Researchers also noted that Duqu attackers didnt use the same digital signature certificate twice in both 2011 and 2015 attacks, which shows that they may have several stolen certificates readily available for their next attack. e-Solutions, a renowned Digital Signature Certificate Provider in Delhi, condemns this attack and appeals for the authorities to give strict punishment to those involved in Duqu 2.0 Malware attack on Kaspersky Lab. The company offers all types of Digital Signature Certificate in India at lowest price. An individual person or the business organization can obtain digital signature for different purposes from the company by just following few easy steps. Moreover, e-Solutions is a Registering Authority (RA) of e-Mudhra and n-Code under whose badges it issues digital signature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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