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By , May 3, 2018 1:47 am

Don’t rely on apple Siri want iPhone to be Apple TV remote control technology [TechWeb] – Sohu reported on February 14th news, according to foreign media reports, Apple executives recently disclosed that Apple plans through the remote control application software new, let iPhone become a remote Apple TV, rather than relying on the input of the Siri remote search program.   apple is responsible for Internet service executives Ediku said recently, "if you have an iPhone, you can use the mobile phone to input text, direct search of television programs in the set-top box, rather than relying on the input of the Siri remote, I think this could greatly improve the availability". In addition to the use of mobile phones to input text, the manipulation software on the phone will have all the control functions of the set-top box remote control, such as Siri voice control and search, Craig Federighi, an executive in charge of software development, says. Apple TV remote control design has been Tucao users, "button is too small, and the interval is too close, difficult to input text search."". If you can through the remote control application, iPhone remote control, so that users can control the Apple TV through the family wireless network, through the iPhone text input, it will certainly be more convenient. (Wang Kaka) 不依靠Siri 苹果想让iPhone成为Apple TV遥控器-搜狐科技  【TechWeb报道】2月14日消息,据外媒报道,苹果高管近日披露,苹果计划通过新款的遥控应用软件,让iPhone成为Apple TV的遥控器,而不是依靠Siri遥控器的输入功能来搜索节目。     苹果负责互联网服务的高管艾迪库近日表示,“如果用户拥有iPhone,则可以利用手机输入文字,直接在机顶盒中搜索影视节目,而不是依靠Siri遥控器的输入功能,我认为这将会极大提高可用性”。   另外一位负责软件开发的高管Craig Federighi则称,除了利用手机来输入文字之外,手机上的操控软件将会具备目前机顶盒遥控器的“全部操控功能”,比如Siri语音操控和搜索。   Apple TV遥控器的设计曾经遭到用户吐槽,“按钮太小,并且间隔太近,难以输入文本进行搜索”。如果能够通过遥控器应用程序,将iPhone变身遥控器,使得用户能够通过家庭的无线网络去控制Apple TV,通过iPhone进行文本输入那肯定会更加便捷。(王卡卡)相关的主题文章:

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