Don’t let your child be the only person who says I’m sorry easeljs

By , November 19, 2017 1:06 am

Don’t let your child be will only say "I’m sorry" – Sohu author | little plum elder sister mother child born from the start, we will assume the responsibility for their education, childhood education, children who cry uncle aunt, get help say thank you, say to can not afford to make mistakes, take things to also, and can not destroy others to lose… We seem… These are the most basic courtesy, which is when we have received little education, we are very interested in the future children can become their own educational impact in refined and courteous, gentlemanly, and even some parents expectations of children may far more than these! I’ve seen a lot of parents for their children not to meet uncle aunt shout for a headache, I’ve seen a lot of parents of children not to say thank you or sorry to worry about…,… Slowly, we found in our children’s education, will meet the cry uncle aunt, will often say thank you and can not afford, we are not feeling very happy!? But after careful observation, I found that many children are often Touyebuhui, never see your parents say, cry uncle or say goodbye, children with low head walking cry uncle or say goodbye, when parents sometimes praise the child said: "you are so good". Sometimes the parents of other children to eat delicious things to their children, the child took a look at the delicious head did not lift quickly said: "thank you", began to eat! When the children to other children down or destroy others, then give people to say "sorry", but when I saw other people still very angry or even blame yourself, don’t forgive themselves when the child began to temper, and angrily said: "I have to say sorry". The child seems to think that as long as the call uncle aunt, as long as you can get a reward or not be accused of nagging. When you get something, just say "thank you" and you can eat it. When you make a mistake, you just have to say "I’m sorry," and you have to forgive me! As soon as I did this, I was a good boy in my parents’ mind! Remember a few days ago, a little girl suddenly cried, I look at the past, she was lying on the ground crying very sad, I asked how she had carried her to comfort her, she only cry not to talk, I asked the children beside her, how? What happened just now? The other children pointed to another four year old girl and said, "she pushed her down!" The four year old girl was very angry and said to me, "I have said sorry to her!" I told her, although you say sorry, but miss sister is still very painful ah, I am sorry you should say, you should think about other ways to comfort the little sister? A similar thing now in children is very common, many children think just say "I’m sorry" three words, you can resolve all the problems, and the root cause of these phenomena can be said that all comes from the family education. There are many times to see the parents who led the child, when the child destroyed other people’s things, they quickly let the child to each other to say "I’m sorry", after saying it again!相关的主题文章:

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