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By , April 19, 2018 3:01 am

Don’t be traveling kidnapped our children – 1 maternal Sohu do not bring children to travel in the name "insight" kidnapped family economic level, let the children for all-round development, let the children travel become popular, all kinds of "where" hot ass ah ah, all kinds of cattle from every weekend emerge in an endless stream. The park, to may, eleven of domestic travel, and then to the summer vacation overseas study tours, summer camp, travel expenses, after school has expenses, interest expense, ranked the third largest killer of education spending. Surging in the long experience behind the undercurrent is the consumption level contest: would you take the children out to play? Where do you go to play? What hotel do you live in? The children have been playmates? What gift do you buy back to the teachers and students? This holiday trip, how to describe the composition of the child? After the holiday, the mothers pick up the kids from school is the focal point, in the parents with children at lunch in the office, you meet with the neighbor greeting parents, talk is a holiday where you ah, behind this sentence is not reflected in your education idea, but you have money idle? Can you afford it? Whether you really want to take the kids out long experience, or heart to do was, whether you like it or not, regardless of your economic strength, you have been involved in the wind, can not go, can not distinguish. It’s better not to go out for a show! 2 do not bring children to travel to see, is not equal to the long experience of city life brings natural scarcity, lack of playmates contact, electronic equipment and large playground for flood, compensate for this deficiency, we choose to travel with children. But we take the children to Hongkong, South Korea, to Maldives, to Europe and the United States, and now also launched the most suitable for children to take the ten resort hotel…… These tall, tailored travel, just put them from your home shopping malls in the small playground, to a bigger playground, from a city of Ocean Park, to another city zoo, Ocean Park…… "See not seen" and "long experience" can not be equated, expensive, is not brought about the equal sense of growth, "mengmusanqian" in order to let the children be nurtured in the "good environment", has gradually evolved into the modern "material prosperity" Xu Xi sigh. If we blindly emphasize travel, and not to look at what kind of travel, and the result is, we take the money to the airlines and travel companies to contribute. Travel for pleasure, not to go! Maybe you will say, I take the children to the outdoors, not a high place, then the following paragraph is to say to you. 3 the experience of life back to the child "on the road, see a variety of life, thinking about why people live, how to live, had seen together with the heart with bright eyes, filled with the spirit, life experience, life changing", this is a lot of people mentioned in the travel significance much of this is, most probably it did not actually happen "I think" and "I thought". Children, especially preschool children, regardless of her相关的主题文章:

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