Dongying resident population urbanization rate of 65.52% ranking fourth in the province –

By , April 17, 2018 9:01 am

Dongying resident population urbanization rate reached 65.52%  ranks fourth in the province – Shandong Channel – in recent years, Dongying city conscientiously implement the central work conference, the province’s urbanization, strengthen urban and rural areas, improve the urban system, strengthen infrastructure construction, new urbanization work and achieved remarkable results. Dongying continue to accelerate the planning and construction of the central city, the implementation of the planning exhibition hall, Grand Theatre, Jinhu galaxy and a number of major projects, built area of 188.2 square kilometers. Successfully created a national civilized city, the National Ecological Garden City, access to China’s living environment award. Accelerate the cultivation of sub centers in the county, strengthen the backbone of the role of the central city support, since 2013 to determine a number of urbanization projects focus on promoting each year. Guangrao County in 2014 was identified as the county’s economic development of science and technology pilot counties, ranked 2016 in the county’s economic competitiveness hundred counties (cities) in the year sixty-ninth. Strengthen the construction of small cities and towns. Dongying City, a total of 26 towns, including the town of the city was listed as a pilot strong town; the pilot of the strong town of the 6 included in the provincial model town, there are 7 key towns in the country included in the list of 10. The king of the town in 2013 and 2014 for two consecutive years won the "hundred town construction demonstration action in the province first, 2015 year Chinese comprehensive strength hundred small city town, the list of seventieth, for the province’s only towns. Grasp the construction of new rural communities. Since 2012, the city has started construction of a centralized living in rural new communities 60, 70 thousand, built community center village service center 150, the basic realization of full coverage of community services. The implementation of the "three people". Vigorously promote migrant workers citizenization of rural residents, the local transfer of population of people, villages and the city side of the village of the original residents of the "three people". Organize a thematic study of population urbanization, the population urbanization task decomposition, started the preparation of the city population planning. The plan will be equal to the basic public services, improve the living environment, social security, etc., clear three citizens of the key tasks and the main content. Data collection and field investigation. As of the end of 2015, the city’s resident population urbanization rate of 65.52%, ranking the province’s total household registration urbanization rate of 51.15%; urbanization quality index of 64.45%, ranking the province’s fifth place in the province of fourth. The city’s urbanization process from the stage of accelerated development into a stable development stage. (Zuo Zhenping Cheng Tao) (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章:

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