Dongxu Group intends to challenge Li Zhaoting will be holding a platform third

By , November 17, 2017 10:53 pm

Dongxu Group intends holding jialinjie Li Zhaoting will be the third national contest: A shares platform investment adviser King peep catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Liu Xianghong, editor of Quan Zeyuan following the successful restructuring of the gem A (renamed Dongxu photoelectric), Baoan real estate (renamed "Dongxu blue sky"), Dongxu group head Li Zhaoting will offer Jia Linjie, if the transaction is successful, Dongxu group will have third A shares of listed companies, "Dong Xu" rising in the capital market. In October 29th, jialinjie announced that the company’s actual controller Huang Weiguo and Dongxu Group signed a letter of intent for the equity transfer by agreement, intends to transfer its holdings in Shanghai Chun 100% equity investment, and the voting directly held 4.06% shares entrusted to jialinjie Dongxu group exercise. The letter of intent as the final implementation of the voting rights, Dongxu group has in jialinjie will reach 23.67%, become the largest proportion of the single shareholder voting rights, Dongxu group actual control Li Zhaoting will become the actual control people Jialin Jie new. Announcements, Guojun Investment Department jialinjie controlling shareholder, currently holds 163 million shares jialinjie jialinjie, accounted for 19.61% of the total share capital; the actual control line Huang Weiguo Chun investment only shareholders, Jia Linjie, personally held directly jialinjie 33 million 800 thousand shares, accounting for 4.06% of the total equity of the Jia Lin jie. According to the transfer agreement, Huang Weiguo will hold its investment in Jun 100% equity transfer to Dongxu group; at the same time, Huang Weiguo will directly hold the voting rights of the individual accounts for 4.06% of the total share capital of jialinjie corresponding shares entrusted to Dongxu group exercise. The specific price of the transfer of shares, the specific transaction (transfer) program has not yet finalized, pending further discussion. For the purpose of the transfer of the controlling stake, Huang Weiguo did not disclose in the announcement. The financial data show that as the traditional textile and garment manufacturing enterprises, jialinjie performance in recent years is not ideal, 2014, 2015 and January to September this year, the net profit was 27 million 629 thousand and 700 yuan, -1.02 million and -4252 million yuan. And took over the Fang Dongxu group is a master of capital operation. 2012 Dongxu group by way of the gem group, indirect control of listed companies gem A, after the reorganization of the company has become the current Dongxu photoelectric. In September 2015, Dongxu group to the next city, through the acquisition of shares in Baoan real estate, and in July this year, it was renamed Dongxu blue sky. Public information display, Dongxu group was founded in 1997, the legal representative is Li Zhaoting. The group from the photoelectric display started, and gradually developed into a photoelectric display, two new energy industry as the core, finance, urbanization as one of the real estate industry investment group, the two listed companies (Dongxu optoelectronics, Dong Xu sky) and more than 40 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries. Financial data show that in 2015, the first half of 2016, Dongxu group’s operating income was 9 billion 951 million yuan, 7 billion 388 million yuan, net profit of $1 billion 771 million and $711 million. On相关的主题文章:

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