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By , November 16, 2017 4:55 pm

Domestic new sniper rifle first public victories exposure: a crocodile – Sohu Military Channel text with map: two SWAT sniper hit the crocodile in the middle of the brain "Mingmen" crocodile, died on the spot. Two SWAT hands held the whole system because the price is as high as 260 thousand, dubbed the 260 thousand new domestic police sniper rifle, although "260 thousand" already seen, also with the China sniper game to go overseas to participate in many times, however, the first "war" fruit in the open in the news, or the crocodile. Surging News reported on November 4th, October 30th, Zhejiang Huzhou District Wuxing town east village villagers Hemou to the police, said the discovery of a one meter long crocodile breeding ponds in their own. Huzhou Wuxing District Public Security Bureau police station 4, Chuhao Hao Lin told reporters, he said 30 days more than 1 p.m. he in their own ponds inspections, found that the southeast corner of the pond on a crocodile, about 30 meters away from him. By the time he approached, the crocodile dived into the water. Alarm police on duty police Association led by Shen Yanchun rushed to the scene did not find the crocodile in the pond. After the visit, the police found that there is a crocodile farm nearby, a large fish pond and the crocodile farm wall interlinked, and crocodile farm wall has a hole, crocodile should be out of the hole out of the. "In October 30th, the police came to investigate, asked me if I had a crocodile fled, then I found that there is a crocodile escape to the outside." Crocodile farm manager He Haifeng told reporters, he raised more than 10 thousand crocodiles, varieties are Siam crocodile, namely "crocodile Thailand", this kind of artificial breeding is afraid of crocodiles. 29, clean up some crocodile pond farm, dozens of crocodiles were scared into a pile, when the top of the crocodile may step on the body of the escape. Soon a breeder escape crocodiles found in breeding farms, with stunning catch back. At that time, no other crocodile escaped. Found the crocodile pond covers an area of 23 acres, there are tens of thousands of IOUS and Wang sticklebacks, pond water pumping light catching crocodiles, farmers will cost up to hundreds of thousands, this is obviously not. If the net net net, general adult crocodiles live at all. After the discussion, I think the best way is to kill the crocodile, but the police station with the gun can not be a long range of precision shooting. Eventually, the police station to the special police detachment request support. In October 31st, Shen Liqiang and Chen Mingming each SWAT sniper with two supporting high precision sniper rifles rushed to the pond. Two people find a position, diagonal, with a sniper gun aimed at the fish pond water search target. But for 2 consecutive days of rain, they have been guarding but can not wait to see the crocodile. In November 2nd the weather clears, 2 people once again to the fish pond waiting, shortly after the crocodile slowly surfaced, ready to swim to the shore to bask in the sun, two people communicate by Grote Shen, better position responsible for shooting 70 meters outside the Shen Liqiang shot hit the crocodile in the middle of the brain "Mingmen" crocodile, died on the spot. The crocodile is about 1.7 meters, weighs about 70 pounds. "I let the workers the flesh and skin put crocodile meat to the neighbors, because the skin burning delicious, also express my apologies. I have put the farm.相关的主题文章:

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