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By , November 19, 2017 1:02 am

Do crabs cause threatened abortion? Sohu in maternal pregnancy of seven weeks, I have almost a crab, there is blood on the paper found the toilet on the afternoon of the second day. Go to the town of the hospital ultrasound examination, embryonic development is good, but did not tell me where bleeding. Hit a progesterone. But that night my stomach was falling, and there was blood in my underwear. Doctor second days to the county find familiar, playing there not to do B, blood test, blood test, progesterone value is more than and 40, HCG value is good, she said that low progesterone in the hospital for a week, she also hit bleeding, two weeks of progesterone, hit two. Excuse me, is my progesterone low? My friends and I like, is pregnant with her earlier, only thirty-one bit, but she didn’t bleed. I wonder if I ate the crab. Please have experience in this field to help explain the sisters. If you eat crabs, it will affect the fetal brain development? I’m worried now! In this paper, sorting from making crazy APP users -q1457968546698 questions, we come to ~ ~ ~ she doubts相关的主题文章:

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