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By , May 3, 2018 1:27 am

DirectFX: light trading market easing the central bank statement can not stop the client to view the latest market Monday to return to calm the market, foreign exchange market volatility monetary straight plate comprehensive narrowed, whether European or commodities and hedge currency fluctuations are around 60 basis points, no significant difference. U.S. stocks are expected to rise by interest rate hike, banking stocks began to rise, led the market slightly warmer, in which the standard & P 500 bank shares led the position. Gold rebounded slightly hit 1325, but still unable to break down in early trading, facing downward pressure in the future. WTI crude oil prices continued to drop, closing at 46.98 U.S. dollars barrels. In, Germany’s August CPI data will be released, in view of the overall impact on the euro area, investors need to be cautious. In addition, tomorrow there are more eurozone inflation data, from the current overall attitude of the European Central Bank [micro-blog], QE or maintenance is imperative, but if the German and other parts of the gap, the scale problem of QE will be in the fourth quarter euro zone new turbulence. Given the pressure on the fed to raise interest rates, the rest of the world’s economy has been dealt with more clearly, have begun to deal with the liquidity of the U.S. dollar tightening, but the economic recovery is still very slow. After the Fed raises interest rates again, if the passive situation of the global economy still exists, then the liquidity problem and the potential bubbles before a large amount of easing will lead to the next financial crisis. Technical analysis: the euro dollar euro days overall volatility is still relatively small, but short-term efforts tend to downward, below the support line 1.12, 1.12-1.1180 line on the short-term resistance position, the upstream resistance can continue to try to empty a single transaction, below the target position on 1.11 line. The recent correction of the euro’s rebound has ended because of the dollar’s interest rate hike and the easing of the ecb. The pound against the dollar in the pound fell below the key support position after 1.3170 hours on Monday continued to drop, short-term rebound in the price fell to 1.3060, but is blocked in 1.3120 line, Tuesday time to continue to maintain the shock in this range, the 4 hour chart direction tends to further downward, so the empty one can try, but the short-term below 1.3060 later will have greater downside, short-term concern 1.3 line below the target position. Gold and gold in the previous time break the interval concussion, rail 1337 after 1330 below the support line, from the perspective of the daily chart retracement position is already going down to the bottom of the critical price, but there is still some space. The short 4 hour chart is in the lower position. Focus on the 1330 resistance line can break, upside resistance can try to empty single transaction, interval transactions can be in the short term, there is the direction of breakthrough can take advantage of the transaction. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and risk.

DirectFX:市场交投清淡 央行表态宽松不能停 客户端 查看最新行情   周一市场重归平静,外汇市场直盘货币波幅全面收窄,无论欧系还是商品以及避险货币波动幅度都在60基点左右,无明显差距。美股方面受加息预期升温影响,银行股开始上升,带动大盘小幅回暖,其中标普500的银行股处于领涨地位。黄金的小幅回升一度触及1325但早盘力度依然无法突破,日内面临后续的下行压力。WTI原油价格继续走低,报收46.98美元 桶。   日内德国的8月CPI数据将出炉,鉴于对于欧元区的整体影响,投资者需要谨慎对待。此外明日还有更多的欧元区通胀数据出来,而从当前欧央行[微博]的整体态度来看,QE的维持还是势在必行,但若此次德国和其他地区的差距拉大,对于QE的尺度问题也会在四季度让欧元区出现新的动荡。   鉴于美联储升息的压力,全球其他经济体的处理情况已经比较明显,纷纷开始着手应对美元流动性收紧的问题,但在经济复苏上依然十分缓慢。在美联储再次加息之后如果全球经济的被动情况还是存在,那么最终因为流动性问题以及之前大量宽松所带来的潜在泡沫都会造成下一次金融危机。   技术分析:   欧元兑美元   欧元日内整体波动依旧比较小,但是短期力度倾向于下行,支撑线1.12跌破,短期阻力位置关注1.12-1.1180一线,上行遇阻可以继续尝试空单交易,下方目标位置关注1.11一线。近期因为美元的加息情绪以及欧洲央行的宽松导致欧元的反弹修正有完结的倾向。   英镑兑美元   英镑在跌破关键支撑位置1.3170以后继续下挫,周一时段在跌至1.3060价位以后出现短期的反弹,但是上方受阻于1.3120一线,周二时间继续维持在这一区间内震荡,4小时图上方向倾向于进一步下行,因此空单可以尝试,但是短期跌破1.3060以后才会有更大的下行空间,下方目标位置短期关注1.3一线。   黄金   黄金在前面时间下破区间震荡下轨1337以后再次跌破1330的支撑线,从日线图的角度看回撤的位置已经快要去到下方关键价位了,但是还有一定的空间。短期的4小时图走势处于下方位置震荡。重点关注1330一线阻力能否突破,上行遇阻可以尝试空单的交易,短期内可以进行区间交易,有方向上的突破可以顺势交易。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

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