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By , April 18, 2018 11:55 pm

The digital transformation to promote the government’s efficiency evaluation that mayor HUAWEI enterprise cloud technology Sohu – Sohu Technology Wen Mao Qiying August 25th news, in the "2016 HUAWEI Enterprise Cloud · Karamay Industrial Cooperation Forum, HUAWEI company quality and Tao Jingwen process IT president said:" cloud computing is the future trend of development, for industrial innovation, economic restructuring the business model changes caused a fundamental change; as the entire ICT industry evolution direction of cloud computing, HUAWEI company’s long-term strategy for the future." Tao Jingwen said, "HUAWEI hope that through comprehensive cloud products and solutions, make full use of cloud computing, SDN, big data products and solutions to ecological partners, jointly build a comprehensive cloud ability, help the government and enterprises to realize digital Xiang Yun transformation, comprehensive operation, complete digital upgrade to" agile and intelligent "as the core, leading to the digital economy era." It is understood that since 2009, HUAWEI’s annual investment in the IT industry average of not less than $500 million. HUAWEI servers, storage, virtualization, cloud computing, big data platforms have launched a competitive product. Since last July 30th, HUAWEI officially released Enterprise Cloud strategy, has served tens of thousands of customers. With the progress of ICT technology, globalization, cross-border competition intensifies, digital transformation has become the core means of government and enterprises to enhance competitiveness, which contains a huge industrial opportunities. Xinjiang city Karamay municipal government and HUAWEI Enterprise Cloud in 2011 reached a strategic cooperation on the basis of cloud computing, cloud computing and digital city industrial park construction, started the construction of Karamay City e-government cloud platform, public service cloud platform, enterprise cloud platform, the whole business migration to the cloud data center of HUAWEI. HUAWEI enterprise cloud infrastructure to provide cloud computing platform, by its partners to provide the corresponding application services, such as division of labor to enhance the efficiency of government, but also reduced the government’s one-time hardware investment and manpower investment. Karamay mayor Zhang Hongyan told the Sohu technology interview that the government of Karamay to join HUAWEI enterprise cloud, by creating Silk Road Economic Belt Information Center ", to" Silk Road Economic Belt along the countries and regions to provide high-quality, cost-effective cloud services. Zhang Hongyan said, Karamay is a dream can become a reality of the city, these years with the HUAWEI enterprise cloud together to promote the construction of e-government cloud, medical cloud, etc.. These cloud applications not only benefit the people, but also allow enterprises to have a more convenient information services, but also to enhance the efficiency of government administration. Zhang Hongyan said, 5 years of cooperation, the government take the lead in cloud computing, Karamay city government, the people’s livelihood, including the city of wisdom, wisdom cloud, cloud and cloud all the medical community on the HUAWEI cloud platform, through the government’s application, benefit the people’s livelihood services. Yang Ruikai, President of HUAWEI’s cloud business unit, said that in the face of diversification of customer demand, any enterprise can not meet the needs of customers, the need to cooperate with partners. HUAWEI Enterprise Cloud in government.相关的主题文章:

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