Derek Tsang Yan Jia anti-corruption Storm 2 speed Jiao Jian shooting skill-aspack

By , April 16, 2018 7:39 pm

"Derek Tsang Yan Jia" anti-corruption Storm 2 speed shootout dashing Tencent entertainment news "Derek Tsang gun look handsome, successful hit me in the heart of girl!" As the criminal action movie "anti-corruption Storm 2" release date approaching, the characters in the movie evil enemy, perplexing caused a heated discussion of the fans. The ICAC Derek Tsang’s heroic detective in the movie, dashing handsome wonderful performance, is the harvest countless girls heart, become the new god. Derek Tsang has a lot of labels: actor, director, star two generation…… As a famous actor Eric Tsang’s son, but he paid more effort than others, to continuously improve skills and more mature talent director was unanimously recognized by industry professionals and fans. "2" anti-corruption storm produced by Raymond Wong, directed by Lin Delu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin, Ada Choi, Chen Jing, Sheng Jun and Bowie Lam co starred in September 14th 18, will visit the national cinema. The low road of cooperation "bumpy" speed shootout dashing with the movie release date approaching, fans of the film is also rising expectations. The film between the ICAC and the police cooperation is of particular concern, while the ICAC well-equipped elite personnel led by Louis Koo’s side is the squad led by Julian Cheung’s weak people loose. After careful comparison and analysis of the disparity between the strength of the two sides can not help but sigh: This is not a smooth road police cooperation will not be flat……" And Derek Tsang as a member of the ICAC team, when the crisis and the team’s tacit cooperation, the bottom of the team’s strong support, has become an indispensable part of the criminal action blockbuster. See the adrenaline straight up, Derek Tsang gun looks handsome!" "2" in the anti-corruption storm coaster, shooting, melee fierce fight scene picture let fans excited, Derek Tsang is responsible earnestly, in the anti-corruption process critical in brave performance is to let the fans heart. But this time in the movie Derek Tsang is a military commander, safe movement. He is wearing glasses, the office is a gentleman elegant office of God, in the event of an emergency situation when the murderer is racing, handsome fierce heroic anti-corruption fighter. Such a versatile Derek Tsang will have the harvest and praise of many girls heart? Wait for the movie later. The director and actress development Yan handsome anti-corruption in 2010, his debut in the Derek Tsang ten anniversary, he and Yin Zhiwen co directed the film "new year" the same year, romance, with "the best new director nomination and the fifteenth Busan International Film Festival Sina Award nomination and romance" tide won the forty-seventh Taiwan film awards. So far, in the body of Derek Tsang and added a director of the new label, and before that, he has a label on the male god, actor, star two generation…… As the son of the famous actor Eric Tsang, the star of the two generation aura he has to pay more efforts than ordinary people. The development of actress director he was unanimously recognized by the industry and fans, pay by continuous efforts, let us remember more of his work and talent, rather than the two generation star aura. From 2001 starred in the first film "ghost love letter" debut, zeng.相关的主题文章:

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