Deputy director of the office of Hainan agricultural safety non transgenic aunt say next

By , November 19, 2017 2:53 pm

Hainan agriculture department deputy director: GM secure aunt say next to South China Sea, South China Sea network client message, "GM safety not the next door Aunt Wang said to calculate, but professional authority say, to use the test to prove." September 9th, the Hainan Provincial Department of agriculture, agricultural genetically modified organisms safety seminar held in Haikou in 2016. Kou Jianping, deputy director of the Hainan Provincial Department of agriculture for the theme of the lecture, he said, the current listing of all genetically modified foods are safe". Kou Jianping said that the safety of genetically modified professional certification authority. At present, our country has approved the safety certificate issued 7 crops, including the 1997 certified storage of tomato and insect resistant cotton; certification in 1999 to change the color of Petunia and pepper resistance; 2006 2009 certification certification of papaya resistant; phytase maize and transgenic rice. Among them, the storage of tomato and pepper resistant safety certificate has been valid. China has approved the issuance of 5 overseas R & D business safety certificate (including cotton, insect resistance and herbicide resistance), beet (herbicide), rape (herbicide), soybean (herbicide resistance and quality improvement) and maize (insect resistance and herbicide resistance). All GM foods currently on the market are safe". Kou Jianping said that this sentence should be understood from several aspects, one is to obtain a certificate of safety through safety evaluation of genetically modified food is safe, you can rest assured that food. The two is that the safety evaluation of genetically modified food is based on the principle of case analysis. Three so far, genetically modified foods have not been confirmed with the food safety problems. Kou Jianping said that the global debate about GM technology has never stopped, but the argument does not mean that there is no conclusive, any new technology has been fully accepted there is a process. Oppose the purpose of genetically modified complex, to discuss the issue in the scope of rational science, can not be "hat", "stick"". Not because of concerns about food safety issues, and that China can not be carried out in the pharmaceutical, environmental protection, cotton and other aspects of transgenic research and development. It is understood that the Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture held the seminar is to further implement the national development strategy of transgenic technology and policies to strengthen the scientific research of genetically modified, strengthen safety supervision and scientific popularization. Hainan Provincial Department of agriculture of province transgenic leading group 6 units and 8 city (county) a total of 14 units to carry out a photo exhibition and lecture teaching, that is "a lesson". Since August 3rd, has been in Haikou, Wenchang, Danzhou, Sanya, Lingshui, Dongfang, Ledong Lingao, 8 cities and counties to carry out "a lesson", directly training the number more than 1 thousand and 200, issued more than 5 thousand copies of promotional materials. (originally entitled "Hainan province agriculture department deputy director Kou Jianping: at present, all listed are" genetically modified food safety) source: South China Sea network editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章:

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