Delayed more than 3000 households in Hohhot in January has not been heating winter –

By , April 15, 2018 8:05 am

Delayed in January has not been heating in Hohhot more than 3000 households. Winter – Beijing Beijing in November 15 Hohhot Xinhua: Hohhot in January has not been delayed more than 3000 households. The winter heating author Zhang Jinxian in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region after the beginning of winter, the temperature of Hohhot city and down steep turn down jacket, cotton padded clothes have appeared. But as the northern city, despite the cold outdoor, indoor warm heating is a lot easier for the whole winter. The reporter learned that, since October 15th, Hohhot city heating since, almost every family of the indoor temperature can reach 20 degrees, the temperature of heating area which is not up to the standard, which residents home heating is not hot, have become a hot issue of people’s livelihood media and heating units concerned. However, in the left bank of the City Bridge Development Zone, Qingyuan, China Sun Jinxiu Garden C block three residential areas despite several local media attention, but has so far failed to realize heating, about 3000 residents in the past month endure cold. "The room is too cold, the home of the elderly and children are sent to relatives to live, and I can stand." The left bank of sunshine District owner Mr. Xu told reporters, when October 15th began heating, he learned from the property, residential heating will push after one month, the reason is to remove a small boiler heating original, incorporated into the city heating network. At that time, Mr. Xu is very happy, after all, small boiler heating is not guaranteed, into the big network heating better. But why this project does not start early, not to the heating has begun to "point" to do? Not much about him, only for a month time, home can warm up. However, managed to survive a month, Mr. Xu was informed that on the 14 day, cell or not heating, which makes Mr. Xu suddenly blindsided. 15, the reporter saw the Qingyuan heat exchange station in the left bank and the Sun Hua two residential side, many owners around the discussion of heating things together, a lot of young mothers about how to better give the baby warm at home. Jinqiao thermal power plant electricity department head Shen Xiangjun told reporters that the three area is from the beginning of October as the demolition of the old district and gas boiler heating project construction and transformation, the thermal power plant and Hohhot city Saihan district government signed a contract, the government should pay compensation for thermal power station equipment factory 5 million 310 thousand yuan, in November 15th to achieve heating. "Now the heating equipment, systems have been done, only the commissioning and start-up, but the government funds are not in place, this thing is a card here." Shen Xiangjun said. Shen Xiangjun said that with the weather getting colder, if not heating, water pipes and other equipment easy to freeze, then take remedial measures are also difficult to work. In this regard, the Saihan district government office staff Yang Ruidong said that the issue of funding on the heating, the current government is taking the process is expected to be in place this week in place. (end)相关的主题文章:

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