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By , April 16, 2018 10:23 pm

Days to cool the baby clothes, most people will do wrong! Sohu mother throughout the northern autumn, Beijing a few days of rain, the temperature has decreased very significantly. Some mothers are afraid of the baby, it is urgent to add clothes for the baby. He is wearing a skirt short sleeved, to the child wearing a sweater…… In fact, it is now suitable for children to carry out cold training, autumn frost can enhance the baby’s immunity, prevent colds. There is a cold call mother grandma feel cold we often say that the baby has a kind of cold is mother grandma feel cold. In fact, the child’s metabolism than adults, especially older than the elderly to be much more vigorous, and the state of consciousness and the amount of exercise than adults, so wear the cap is less than the adult is. The reality of how many babies are a lot of clothes cover the autumn, often can touch the children covered with sweat. After the baby sweating, especially easy to catch cold wind. Autumn baby cold, parents think it is frozen, in fact, a lot of time is sweating after the wind blowing. Of course, this is not to say that the baby does not add clothes, but to moderate, according to the temperature changes at any time appropriate increase or decrease. Note: the baby should wear the same or less than one adult. Hot hands usually wear more baby little heart, each contraction output is limited, at the extremities (hands and feet) less, so the hands will cool. In other words, weekdays cool hands and feet, neck fever is normal. According to the temperature of the hands and feet to determine: when the baby warm hands and feet, is to wear too much cover, so easy to sweat. Hands and feet cool, just wear the right. Treasure the mother can also through the following measures: To observe whether the child cold babies in infants, children can feel the temperature of the oral cavity through the nipple, to determine whether the child can feel cold; the baby forehead and armpit temperature of the baby cold, and then decide whether to add clothes. Autumn is the most suitable for cold tolerance training abroad very early to give children the concept of cold tolerance training. In the United States, the United States remains largely in the delivery room ward room temperature of 24 DEG C, even the newly born baby will generally wear a dress with a towel. We all know that the Japanese girl is a frost, needless to say, Osaka, Tokyo, in the winter of Hokkaido minus ten, everywhere is wearing shorts skirts of the students, the cold resistant training starts from a very small. Not to mention the fighting nation russia…… The baby will not encounter cold air will be sick. As long as some cold resistance training, for the baby to enhance the resistance is still very helpful. The baby has been well trained, the body will be well adapted, and therefore not easy to fall ill. The baby has been living in a constant temperature environment, body temperature regulation center does not have this training, resistance will be reduced. But I have to remind you treasure mom, people around the body and the surrounding environment, habits and so on are different, these foreign cold training methods can not be directly copied. Autumn is a good time to start training in the autumn cold, do not give the baby to cover too much, the baby’s body can gradually change the perception of natural temperature, in winter, in order to adapt to the low temperature in winter, not easy to catch a cold. Q相关的主题文章:

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