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Corruption: Portrait of vanity and "homecoming" complex (Figure) – Beijing (pictured from left to right: Luo Guoqing, Ding Weidong, Wang Xiuchun) "I suffer from too afraid of the heart, a yearning for rich life, vanity, good face, this is made an important wrong ideological roots." This is the former deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy board, former director of Liu Tienan, our hearts in an interview make to yourself. The bitter fear of the former senior officials, the court found that the amount of bribes amounted to 35 million 580 thousand yuan, was sentenced to life imprisonment in December 10, 2014. Liu Tienan analysis of corruption "ideological roots", the so-called "hard days", but he is a good face, vanity expansion of another performance. In fact, not only Liu Tienan, vanity is the cause of many sacked officials embarked on the road of crime. When "homecoming" complex in his ostentation and farther down the road back home from the choice of demobilized, because during his tenure to love can glorify and illuminate the ancestors; entrepreneurs to join, only to get enterprise boss compliment, praise…… In January 9, 2015, Fujian former Secretary of the Nanan municipal Luo Guoqing for accepting bribes was sentenced to 15 years in prison, the analysis of the reasons for their corruption into the abyss in repentance, "vanity, love face serious thinking" is one of the important factors. In 1973, 21 year old Luo Guoqing had enlisted, established three, and gloriously joined the party. In the 24 years, he learned from the most ordinary men grow as deputy division level leading cadres. Luo Guoqing recalls, he was demobilized can choose to go to Beijing, can also choose to force the seat, but he still decided to return home in Quanzhou. "Taiwanese people often say, go home, as can glorify and illuminate the ancestors can do some official appointment rise head and shoulders above others, something for family and friends." This becomes Luo Guoqing’s lingering feelings. Luo Guoqing returned to his hometown as soon as possible by the organization of reuse, after many positions and more exercise. In 2005, he was appointed secretary of the Quanzhou municipal Party committee of Nanan, a power county-level city in charge". At that time, with the passion of the director of entrepreneurship, venture capital project, in a relatively short period of time to make Nanan’s total fiscal revenue ranked second in the province of Luo Guoqing. The joint efforts of all cadres and the masses to benefit, but Luo Guoqing believes that this has been achieved by his "number one", therefore, "go everywhere in energy and the role of his renowned". Luo Guoqing was lying on the laurels, gradually developed the hedonism and money worship. Work on the lack of momentum and energy loss, but the reception time is up more entertainment. At that time, many entrepreneurs venture in Nanan, Luo Guoqing is often invited to Nanan or Quanzhou Association and other activities, often to field visits. Live in the hotel, eat, enjoy is table delicacies from land and sea is a high standard of hospitality, listen to the table a flattering sweet, which makes Luo Guoqing feel smug forget, worth as much higher, originally vanity is relatively heavy, (hear flattery) feel very comfortable, very good." Listen to the ins相关的主题文章:

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