Corporate Video

By , July 23, 2018 8:57 am

Benefits from Corporate Video Production .e in many forms, from new customers gained to effective and informative tools that can be re-edited and used for any platform from websites to trade shows and presentations to investors. Once made, the clip can represent the best of any .pany at any location in the world, and research shows embedded video clips covert into more click-through per hit that any other form of advertising. Use of the video medium inspires trust and reflects a solid and well established .pany customers will want to do business with. 1. Advertising and Promotion with Corporate Video Production Make your Corporate Video Production a Viral Hit! Get the widest possible audience by making a promotional video so popular it distributes itself, via email and social networking sites. Why would any .pany want to do that? Because its the latest in effective promotion techniques, and not just for hipsters in the music biz, the benefits can bring millions of customers in, with a little careful targeting. A Viral video clip can be anything it needs to be, spiced up with wit and humour and including careful brand placement. An example of a successful Viral Video A recent Volkswagen campaign, The Fun Theory, features members of the public navigating subway steps specially converted into piano keys and attempting to use a bottomless trash can, in the style of, Just for Laughs. The small flash of a product logo is masterful, gaining them 3 million views on the video sharing site, YouTube. While few .panies have resources on that scale, the general idea of what makes a good viral video is clear, and it should be seen by all members of the team participating to get them on the same page. Next, work on converting that idea to fit a .panys style and budget. 2. Budget not large enough for Professional Corporate Video? Think again! Costs have fallen dramatically for Professional Corporate Video Production, for these reasons. .panies .peting for business are driving prices down, and since many will offer free estimates on ideas, getting a quote from several sources puts information at the finger tips of teams proposing new advertising or promotional videos. Technology has jumped ahead to the extent that smaller video cameras can offer extremely good quality results at a much lower cost. 3. Put a Family Face on Professional Video If using 100% professional actors seems to show too little of the .panys human side, consider searching corporate events already on tape, for example, the annual tree-planting outing or family picnic, and suggest incorporating brief segments. 4. Preparing to make a Promotional Corporate Video Production Whether it is to be used internally or externally, the message is only as good as the preparations made, including the script, which cannot be over.e, Hollywood-style, by hiring professional actors and a top production .pany. Some tips include, Have a clear vision of the message and .municate it to all members of the team. A lack of precision in the over-view results in no ones ideas being capitalized on, so before meeting with a video production .pany, have the brain-storming meetings, draw up guidelines and a rough script and be prepared to make any needed changes. Listen to any advice from the Video Production .pany hired. They have made 1000s of these and know what works. 5. Contacting a Video Production .pany So many are available it is wise to ask for samples of work from any firm under consideration. Find a reputable one by contacting the PR firm that handles the .pany account, or hire one to represent the correct .pany image. Costs are very varied, depending on the videos length, technical difficulty and editing time involved. 6. Staff Safety, Induction and Training Corporate Video Productions These videos are an important part of the information staff need to work safely and .plete their tasks, so making a good quality video pays in terms of fewer accidents and more productivity. Use humour to teach skills and show how expensive injuries can be avoided. Basil Faulty-style displays of clumsiness get the attention of viewers better than boring lists of warnings and tasks, during health and safety videos. Get the staff participating, to add personal investment in the project, and ensure all of the content is seen by each viewer? 7. Corporate Video Production is a Flexible Tool Once the current video is ready to go, updating it by re-editing is easier with recent advances in .puter editing software. Ask the production .pany to shoot extra footage, (some do this automatically) to vary video content 8. Liven up a Boring Corporate Website. Too much text and too few eye-catching features kill many corporate internet pages, no matter how well designed. With a low tolerance for boredom, internet surfers quickly close any pages that do not offer something fresh and attention-grabbing. Recent technology allows flash video to load very quickly, even on older and slower band widths. Few viewers close pages were a video is already playing. 9. Exhibition videos of the Future To stand out from the crowd in a hall with many .panies representing products, some simple guidelines are re.mended. Keep it short. The viewers will see too many long clips, so concentrate on strengths and get the message over as concisely as possible. Make sure the Production team chosen understands the reason for any planned video, so they can optimize it for exhibition use. 10. More Benefits of Corporate Video Productions Use Corporate Video Productions for conveying information of all kinds, externally, or internally for the easiest, quickest and most up to date business practices. Television is the only the second most popular medium for entertainment, beaten by far by the Internet, and while TV advertising costs are prohibitive for any but the largest .panies, video, especially on web sites, is extremely cost effective. The chance to promote a .pany on this popular medium is invaluable. If there are 200 employees needing to see the latest updates on any subject, sending a video to each workstation will get a 50% better response than sending an email. The old saying, A picture is worth a thousand words, could be translated into modern day terms as make a video, no one reads text, anymore, and not be far wrong. Video sticks in the mind where paragraphs fail to linger and photographs are forgotten. To be truly memorable and convey an impression that seamlessly delivers the right message, video is the medium of the future. A well made Corporate Video Production shows how well a .pany grasps the need to always be current in website content. Careful planning and good use of the available budget on any corporate video ensures it will be current for the longest possible amount of time, using updates and refreshing content with additional footage, if necessary. 相关的主题文章:

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