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By , November 17, 2017 10:52 pm

Comments received: stock index fell 0.68% insurance keep 3000 points turnover shrinking dramatically hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my Sina Finance News September 14th news, stock index opened lower after once, continued downward, intraday fell 3000 points, followed by stabilization and recovery, the decline narrowed, but heavyweights sluggish performance, Shanghai refers to the lack of the power, to maintain the shock situation. Afternoon opening, the stock index down again after a brief consolidation, fell below 3000 points, after the insurance keep. Two cities stocks continue to divide, subject shares increased activity, the volume has shrunk sharply again. On the disk, petroleum and petrochemical, apple stocks rose, electronics manufacturing, water conservancy, agriculture and other sectors active, tourism, graphene, beautiful China concept and other plate decreases. As of the close, the stock index at 3002.85 points, or 0.68%, turnover of 148 billion 100 million yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10454.24 points, or 0.57%, turnover of 226 billion 800 million yuan; the gem index reported 2144.56 points, or 0.06%, turnover of 60 billion 400 million yuan. Sector stocks today two cities a total of 28 non ST stocks daily limit stocks rose more than 5% of the total 50; Letong shares, south of the Five Ridges holdings, the investment limit, fell more than 5% of the stocks total 33. Petroleum and petrochemical sector in the afternoon rally, Daqing branch, *ST jichai trading, Taishan petroleum, Sichuan Meifeng stocks rose. Apple stocks strong, USI electronics, Angela technology trading, blue Synopsys, Tianhai investment, Neusoft carrier, Beibo shares, sunwoda stocks among the biggest gainers. Water sector is active, the Three Gorges water conservancy, the national system of stock trading, dragon pipe industry, the establishment of European stocks and other gainers. Outlook: the moment, Jufeng investment adviser global easing gradually tightening, the good mood sudden contraction of the external market callback is bound to affect the international standards and the domestic market, which is normal, but the trend is still affecting the main internal factors. The current domestic economic stabilization, good liquidity, stock index rebounded based on. With the Shenzhen Hong Kong through approaching, RMB to join SDR in front, ready market is coming to an end, continue to be optimistic about the medium-term upward trend in the stock index, but the short-term need to have the option of holding. Among them, a strong policy tilt along the road, waiting for the subject of SOE reform may be held at the same time, for the performance of recovery performance; and submit the consumption demand of Liquor products can still bargain hunting; in addition, the gold label also can be considered low or holding festivals. Analysts believe that: the adjustment has not yet ended, even if the next few trading days may be a slight rebound in the trend, but this is only 1 minutes of the rally, currently only to build a central level of 5 minutes. That is, the formation of 5 minutes to adjust the level of the trend, so the adjustment of the 5 minute line will continue. So we see 5 minutes when the level fell to climb. Not a drop of consolidation back there is risk test Chi, near 2780. If 2780 can not effectively stop相关的主题文章:

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