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By , November 19, 2017 4:06 pm

Comments: Japan claimed that the quality of non aid project can be cashed? [Abstract] recently, Japan has been promoting the construction of "high quality" infrastructure for africa. Understand people know that Japan in support of African development quantity more than Chinese, want to take the quality of the Chinese, slander slander injury to men inflicted by evil persons in non engineering quality is not high". Japan announced it would provide $30 billion in africa. Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, and the quality of its products and projects is not denied, but unfortunately, Japan’s "high quality" projects in Africa, less developed areas, but few landing. Japan is known as the "bullet train" "Shinkansen", but the Japanese built railways in Africa? Japan can produce a variety of high-end atmosphere on the grade of the car, but a large number of the early elimination of the used car dumping to africa. Now, as long as standing on the streets of African countries, people see the black smoke on the street full of Japanese cars, smell the pungent exhaust. In fact, Japan claimed "high quality" often means high prices, high investment, high requirements for the follow-up maintenance cost and technology, is seriously out of line with the current level of development for Africa, the African governments and people and can not be expected to be. Africa is urgently needed to meet the reality of Africa, cost-effective highway, railway, power supply, water supply, communications, ports, airports and other infrastructure. Talk to African countries, high quality, can not solve the problem of Africa to achieve sustainable development. Many people do not understand why China is more popular with African governments and people. As long as you set foot on the land of Africa, you can personally feel the contribution of china. Up to now, China has provided more than 5 thousand and 600 kilometers of railways, a highway of more than 5 thousand kilometers, a total of 17 aviation facilities, a total of more than 200 power stations and more than 68 schools in africa. As Chinese companies HUAWEI, ZTE into Africa, the more than 500 million African people on the phone, to keep up with the era of the internet. China’s infrastructure in Africa is not only a number of advantages, there is an amazing "China speed", "Chinese standard", but the Japanese say it can not do "high quality". China to provide financing and contracted construction of Abuja – Kaduna railway, Angola Benguela railway has been opened to traffic. Kenya Mombasa – Nairobi railway is also under construction, will be opened to traffic next year, so that Kenya has become a gateway to regional development. By these standards, Chinese Chinese equipment, China technology railway, is currently on the African continent to the highest standards, the best quality and best price of the railway, but also Kenya’s ecological, giraffe through the Mongolian railway without bending over. African countries are looking forward to the international community to take real action, not talk or feed on illusions. Look at the street full of black smoke of the second-hand car, Japan really should honor its commitment to help African countries to build more high-quality projects. (the author is a scholar of Sino African Relations)相关的主题文章:

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