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Comment: every Party member should take the "overall situation" as the basic literacy – Beijing in soldiers, the chest is handsome and consciously, establish the overall situation, in order to make the work both as a domain for glory, global luster Comrade Mao Zedong repeatedly talked about such a thing: when the Red Army grass the cooks, comrades bed, ignore any rice today, but asked to go south or north. Why? Because in the Red Army, even a little cook, also has the overall view, strategic view. This is a basic quality of Party members, but also a strong guarantee of a team. We often say, to do the revolution of the screw, the screw should also be a big sense of the screw. Those who do not seek Jesus Christ, seek temporary shortage; those who do not seek a global lack of a domain plan. Not just seek a global leader and strategist, but also ordinary Party members and cadres. As a member of the party, not the overall situation of the field, not a game of chess thinking, it is likely there will be such a situation: the party requests to the East West party asked you, you run do things sloppily Party demanded sacrifice, dedication to your boss not willing to. This argument is no exaggeration. In practice, there are some grass-roots party members believe that their "acting", as long as doing an acre of work on the line, as for the overall concept, the senior leadership cadres and higher authorities. Some business units are relatively independent, self-contained, often "rotation" things better, "revolution" thing but do not pay enough attention to. In the course of time, some people fall into the "pull the horse did not look up the road" dilemma, resulting in some of the work from the local perspective is "work", from a global perspective has become "too", and may even go the wrong direction, different. This lesson can be said to be more profound. Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, "personal interests must be subordinated to the collective interests, local interests must be subordinated to overall interests, temporary interests must be subordinated to the long-term interests, or the most to the overall situation, the path to major ones". This is never out of date. See the relationship between the overall situation and the overall situation, there is the level of understanding of the problem, it is often of interest problem. From this perspective, the overall sense of not only the strategy of literacy, is the party spirit, the selfless interests when facing the home country forgetting. Generally speaking, what is the overall view, what kind of mind and work pattern. For example, decentralization, some departments face "to move their cheese" test; structural adjustment, some industries will inevitably be labor pains; coordinated development, must jump out of an acre of narrow…… If only local accounts, departmental accounts, current accounts, personal accounts, it will affect the overall situation of reform, and even undermine the overall development. As a party member cadres, regardless of the position, the overall situation is no special, no exceptions. General knowledge, the overall situation, but also protect the overall situation. In the liberation war of the past, Deng Xiaoping repeatedly praised admiral Liu Baicheng to the overall heavy responsibilities of the exemplary conduct and nobility of character. When the central government decided to more than 100 thousand army in North Dabie Mountain, due to "attract the enemy" task is full of dangers, some cadres full of worries. But marshal Liu Baicheng said, "a fundamental solution, how afraid of hot?" Positive)相关的主题文章:

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