Comedy Queen Jia Ling left palm users refer to distressed Sohu

By , April 15, 2018 12:25 pm

"Comedy Queen" Jia Ling "left palm" users refer to distressed Sohu   entertainment; Venus turned " martial arts master " " was " the Sohu; Oriental TV entertainment news scene comedy variety show "tonight" Paramount November 5th (Saturday) evening broadcast seventh programs. The program’s 35 cities nationwide ratings of 1.47, ranked No. second, the amount of network play nearly 500 million, the ratings have been greatly improved, but also attracted more attention of the audience. In the previous program, the goddess of joy, Jia Ling had a surprise appearance for the audience brought the Tang Dynasty beauty and other classic fragments. This week, Jia Ling appeared again "tonight" is paramount, "comedy Queen" she deducts the sad stand still penetrating, because the story was "beaten" relationship is more attracted a lot of friends love, called: "haven’t seen the star stand can do so well, before feeling Jia Ling certainly eat a lot of suffering." "Queen of comedy" Jia Ling "beat" double variable was cited as a comedienne who distressed users currently the most popular, Jia Ling has maintained a "comedy Queen" the joy of the image in front of the public, always laugh as if filled with endless positive energy. However, in the Spring Festival Gala with fame before, Jia Ling also had a period of seven years of experience in Beijing during the sad, once have a stable source of income, even in winter are not willing to open electric heating. In this episode, Jia Ling in "I am a substitute" clip show a sad substitute: whenever starring Jia Ling must need beaten, rushed for its play for beaten scenes, and beaten scenes ended, I had to squat back corner steak lunch. During the period of Jia Ling not only to be thrown by hand ", the actor took a chair" beat ", sad story that many users have loved her call:" I know that is false, but still a little distressed." But there are a lot of friends said: "haven’t beaten when what, but every time I saw Jia Ling was lost after going back to the corner to eat lunch will feel particularly aggrieved feeling sad, she must have eaten a lot of suffering." Venus was the "robbery" becomes the second martial arts master play cry "Robbers" show, Jia Ling was "beaten" double deduction, while Venus is turned a martial arts master beat up others. In the "Paramount" before tonight, for the mass of Venus is nothing more than two kinds of impression, is a dance program in "dance master", another is "Venus show" in the "golden tongued sister". In the "Paramount" broadcast tonight, Venus will soon have a new identity, comedian. From the "double ponytail reporter" to "meditation room" in the "golden doctor", Venus acting more and more recognized by the audience. This program, Venus became a small shop owner, first in the imperceptibly and timid playing "Robbers robbery drills", "martial arts master" will also become violent robbers beat. However, after discovering the truth, a second or a martial arts master Venus next seconds on acting bursting to recognize counsels, netizens hilarious endless, many netizens said: "so my sister, sister Kim can feel to challenge the television drama, than that"相关的主题文章:

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