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By , April 17, 2018 9:02 am

The low success rate of College Students Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship should not blindly "double" to mobilize the "public" "peoples" enthusiasm, stimulate their creative potential, but also to distinguish between groups, accurate positioning, classified policy, so as to improve the success rate of the "double", to avoid the failure caused by social resources waste, reduce social contradictions and problems. On College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship — youth is undoubtedly the main force of the "double" and the most active force, and college students are the main force of the main, but when they join the "double guide" tide, let them serve as good role. In the survey, the vast majority of college students believe that the success rate is low, the risk is high, easy to burden the family and society. Therefore, the most important in the "double" is the use of school learning opportunities, focusing on innovative thinking and ability to cultivate innovative consciousness, and not blindly entrepreneurship. To this end, the main focus of policy support should be to deepen the reform of the education system, reconstruction of talent education system and evaluation system, put more resources to encourage and support their innovation activities. For migrant workers and re employment of workers and staff members of innovation and entrepreneurship — there is no doubt that the migrant workers and re employment of workers may innovation ability is not strong, but it is still an important force hit an indispensable, especially in the economic slowdown, employment pressure increasing, encourage and support entrepreneurship of returning migrant workers and laid-off the business re employment has very important social and economic significance. For this group of entrepreneurs, policy support to highlight a "real", the main focus is on reducing the threshold, light burden, multi service (including entrepreneurship training, skills training, etc.), and provide the necessary funds and financial support. Hubei provincial human resources and Social Security Department of the person in charge of the introduction of a strong reference. In recent years, Hubei Province, in order to support entrepreneurship and employment of farmers, support 36 thousand farm households, each invested 10 thousand yuan, invested 360 million yuan, the number of employment available statistics, there are nearly 400 thousand people, achieved very good results, and in the same industry support for college students and few successful examples. Innovation and entrepreneurship for scientific research groups should be more guidance and support them to combine innovation and entrepreneurship. These researchers working in research institutes, has a strong ability of scientific research and innovation, practical work experience and the accumulation of social resources, many of them even is the patent inventor and owner, is most has the conditions to become the backbone of innovation and entrepreneurship. For their main policy focus is to accelerate the reform of scientific research, institutional and institutional barriers to break, so that more scientific research results in a timely manner, so that more researchers to release energy. For large enterprise groups — innovation and entrepreneurship research, we learned that since the "double" to carry out the work of large enterprises, especially the central enterprises to the "double" showed great enthusiasm, but how to participate in "some errors are hit, there are some deviations of the location." as a "small", "public" and "public" phenomenon, we think this is a mistake. National policy to guide相关的主题文章:

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