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By , November 14, 2017 10:06 pm

College students loopholes 1 cent charge calls sentenced to cancel the qualification Scott original title: just graduated from University, because the network crime was sentenced to express news (correspondent reporter Wang Rui Yu Research) QQ group saw someone released "1 cents for mobile phone recharge 500 yuan" Raiders, Shandong guy Xia Yi (a pseudonym) holding a try attitude recharge 30 times. What he did not expect is that the phone really filled the bill 17 thousand and 500 yuan. The thought that accounted for cheap, but the police came to the door, he found himself on the event. 23 year old Xia Yi in June this year, just graduated from a university in Shandong, has not yet been able to implement the work, he was arrested by the end of last year, a network of theft, was arrested by the police. Yesterday, the case in Nanjing Yuhuatai court hearing. It is understood that in November 16th last year, Xia Yi using an online e-commerce company "1 cents can recharge 500 yuan calls" network vulnerabilities, successively to themselves and others account recharge calls 30 times, amounting to 17 thousand and 500 yuan. Due to the large amount, constitutes a crime, Xia Yi has been prosecuted, and according to the criminal procedure, the court was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years and fined 5000 yuan. After an interview with reporters, Xia Yi said he was in the QQ group to see someone released Raiders, only spent 1 cents to recharge the phone for $500, with a detailed operation steps. At that time he did not know the true and false news, just holding a cheap does not account for the white does not account for the mentality of the operation. Recharge the success of the message is lagging behind, I tried more than 30 times, it was found that recharge are successful." Xia Yi told reporters that he had intended to participate in the judicial examination this year, but because of violation of the criminal law was sentenced to lose the exam qualification, the future of all public recruitment, also can not participate in the. (Editor: Wang Chun)相关的主题文章:

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