College freshmen cheated after the death of tuition information security alarm call-cashmere mafia

By , April 15, 2018 12:21 pm

After the death of college freshmen cheated tuition information security alarm call – China News Agency, Beijing, August 25 (reporter Ma Haiyan) – the upcoming new semester, a message affects the hearts of many people. Shandong city of Linyi Province, a poor family of quasi Xu Yuyu students received a telephone fraud, go 9900 yuan tuition in the ATM machine transfer after being cheated, suddenly fainted, after rescue invalid death. Also, not far away from Linyi city and Xu Yuyu’s home another sophomore girl small Qin also suffered a telecommunications fraud. Each other in Qin "money laundering" on the grounds, the 6800 yuan of her two bank card money cheat light. Small Qin because no money to pay the tuition, even once considered school procedures for. For a child usually live frugally, nearly million tuition cheated beyond her mental capacity, sudden death make people feel regret very much. The news came online a liar and denounce the thorough investigation of leakage channel sound on the information, we hope to disclose the privacy of others who cheat and people can be punished by law. Local police set up a task force, the case is being detected. Researcher Chu Zhaohui Chinese education scientific research institute told News Agency reporters, telecommunications fraud is not uncommon, but students usually less social contact, awareness is not strong, the student area relatively remote, that received the college phone, temporarily nervous, the trap of fraud is possible. Therefore, in the society to strengthen the prevention of fraud at the same time, we should focus on strengthening primary and secondary school students’ safety education and privacy education. To this end, the Ministry of public security to remind the public to receive 170, 171 number of two calls to be careful. Because these two sections were originally intended for virtual operators to prepare a number of segments, but no real name registration can be purchased, became a hotbed of fraud calls and text messages. The Ministry of education is also on its official website to remind the majority of students, especially freshmen, no matter what units or individuals to provide funding, should not require students to ATM machines or online two-way interactive operation. If there is a similar request, please consult the teacher and the local education department, do not operate in accordance with the requirements of each other’s transfer, so as not to be deceived. The Ministry of education 25 press conference held to introduce the situation of national students funded work, deputy director of the national student financial management center Ma Jianbin also said that the Ministry of education has repeatedly urged all localities and all college students’ personal information confidential, appeared to prosecute. For freshmen, there are student loans, scholarships, grants, hard work, and green channel, etc.. As long as there are financial difficulties, the government and the school will give students appropriate funding. (end)相关的主题文章:

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