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By , November 14, 2017 10:01 pm

Clerk: busy man "conveniently" left BMW 4S shop car (Figure) – Beijing stolen BMW car (Yantan police for map) Sichuan Zigong news network November 2nd news (Rong Xia reporter Xu Zhaolei) October 31st, the traffic police stopped the car without a license BMW beach under a patrol, the police check found the brand-new BMW not only on the card, driving car man song Moumou cannot provide the corresponding driving license and insurance records. More dumbfounding is that the BMW car turned out to be a Chengdu 4S store from the song "smooth" left the show car…… Man 4S shop easily led "horse" in October 30th about 11:30 in the morning, song Moumou came to Chengdu, a BMW 4S shop. When go to a BMW GT328i car to the front, he saw the car key is inserted in the car, he opened the door and sat on it. Since the 4S shop staff are in the reception of the car buyers, simply no time to take into account the exhibition area. So, song Moumou started the car, the car will come swaggeringly to direct drive back to the Zigong City Yantan District contact town home. The afternoon of October 31st, song Moumou driving this car from contact the town by Wang Gonglu to Zigong city traveling. At 14:30 PM, the car goes to the king Gonglu 20.5 kilometers, because no license plate was Yantan District Traffic Police Brigade police on duty to intercept check. After investigation, the car is not on the vehicle, not according to the provisions of compulsory insurance of motor vehicle insurance, and the driver song Moumou cannot produce a driving license, is typical of the "three noes" vehicle. Subsequently, the police to issue "compulsory public security traffic management measures" certificate according to law, withheld their vehicle, and verbally summoned them in the next day to the Yantan District Traffic Police Brigade investigation and treatment. "BMW" stolen police report location tracking on the evening of October 30th, 23 am, BMW 4S shop found that the number of cars in the shop was wrong, there is a BMW GT328i mini car (worth $550 thousand) stolen. Then, 4S shop to Chengdu City Public Security Bureau Wuhou District Jinhua police station. After the police intervention, through the GPS satellite positioning system, accurate identification of the stolen car built in the location of the vehicle, a road along the "system", on the evening of October 31st 19:30 successfully found a parking – Yantan District Traffic Police Brigade of the parking lot. Subsequently, the Chengdu police and Yantan District Traffic Police Brigade made contact. The morning of November 1st, song Moumou came to the traffic police team to accept the punishment, arrested by the police. The face of the police inquiry, song Moumou truthfully confessed the whole process of the car. At present, the case has been transferred to the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau Wuhou District Jinhua police station for further investigation.相关的主题文章:

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