Chinese brides in Japan divorce rate as high as 40% into life

By , April 16, 2018 10:23 pm

China bride in Japan: the high divorce rate of 40% into a difficult life lead: the number of international marriage Chinese and Japanese, since 1996 has been in the first Japanese international marriage. Japanese China married daughter-in-law, they live? A couple of happy Chinese and Japanese couples, Chinese wife came to Japan in 2000. The statistical data of the labour ministry showed that the number of Japanese transnational marriage for the first time in 2000 exceeded million mark, accounting for almost 1/3 of Japan’s national international marriage. 1993, take the Japanese spouses permanent residence green card visa for the Chinese people (mostly women) is still less than thirty thousand people, by the year 2008 has greatly exceeded the 100 thousand army. According to the Heilongjiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Chinese Fangzheng county to provide the data, in 2011, the county has more than 200 women married to Japan every year, more than the total number of new year Fangzheng County marriage registration 1/10. Divorce rate is high: 40% of the couples are scattered, "I was on the impulse of the past 15 years, gave his life a bet." Li Aiping, founder of the founder County, after 15 years of marriage, she said, "it’s a good bet." In 1999, up 24 year old Li Aiping and her ex boyfriend, downhearted. My boyfriend is Japanese orphans offspring, was about to move to Japan, his mother thought Li Aiping poverty, brothers and sisters, and there is no Japanese Foundation, a burden for his son’s life to get married. In the breakup, Li Aiping had a thought: "since Japan is so good, that I also want to go to japan." Then, Li Aiping found the international matchmaking friends, pay 40 thousand yuan intermediary fees, then chose the Japanese husband from several Japanese men’s photos and resume. Today, Li Aiping has been in the founder of the parents to buy a house in Sanya, but also allow parents to go to Hainan in winter to winter. Japanese friends have told Li Aiping, in general, Japanese men marry Chinese women, marriage is difficult to stabilize, every three couples will have a divorce. According to statistics, the Japanese Ministry of health since 2003, Sino Japanese transnational marriage divorce rate as high as 40%. Li Aiping, who is fortunate to be lucky, is now the mother of two children. Although the marriage is not Everything is going smoothly. Li Aiping laughed, he had several runaways, take refuge in Tokyo aunt, her aunt in the early 1990s as one of the orphans living back in japan. Li Aiping arrived in Japan on her first child, spent seven years as a full-time housewife, until the child after primary school to find work, when she was 32 years old, began to do some simple work in the electronics factory assembly line. Although Li Aiping went to Japan to start learning Japanese, but also invited the Taiwanese tutor, but she said he has not been able to integrate into the Japanese society, but to accept the living habits in japan. Feeling weak: contradictions with the development of the Japanese city of stuffed murder and a declining birth rate, the population in rural areas decreased, and many rural girls do not want to marry the farmer, poured into the city, facing the Japanese rural male marriage difficult problems become more serious. Length of Japanese rural households相关的主题文章:

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