Chinese Academy of Sciences has made important progress in the study of metropolitan quantum telepor

By , November 16, 2017 4:55 pm

China, quantum teleportation in man – made important progress in the study of teleportation of Beijing in new Hefei on 20 September, (reporter Wu Lan) 20 reporters from the Chinese department was informed that the cooperation of the school Pan Jianwei, Zhang Qiang and Tsinghua University researchers, for the first time between quantum states independent quantum entanglement distribution of the source in advance teleportation, laid a solid foundation for the future construction of scalable quantum networks. The 19 day online research results published in the international authoritative journal "nature" magazine sub journal "nature" on Photonics?. In August this year, as the world’s first quantum science experimental satellite "Mo-tse" the successful launch of quantum communication as the current best known as a means of communication security, its related research in this field has become one of the hot issues of public concern. Zhang Qiang said that the existing quantum secure communication is mainly for classical information transmission through the quantum encryption key, but with the development of technology, quantum secure communication will eventually realize the transmission of quantum information, through the optical fiber network for quantum teleportation is expected to greatly improve the safety and strength of Internet connection. In addition, if one day the quantum computer comes out, it is necessary to carry out the quantum information processing in the metropolitan area network to transmit quantum information. According to the introduction, the quantum teleportation is an important way to transmit quantum state. The three elements of quantum teleportation are entanglement state pre distribution, independent quantum interference and forward feedback. Prior to this, there is no any quantum teleportation experiment at the same time meet all the above requirements. The Pan Jianwei group and the Tsinghua University to develop the first time phase entangled photon source for optical fiber transmission network, successfully solved the problem of synchronization and interference between two independent photon source; active feedback system and then developed for optical fiber delay caused by the polarization fluctuation and the stability of the system and experimental problems; finally, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai micro system development of superconducting nanowire single photon detector in the Hefei metropolitan area of 30 km quantum communication network link can achieve the above three elements of quantum teleportation. Pan Jianwei and his collaborators of the research results, the reviewer was praised as "because of the important role played in many quantum teleportation in quantum communication schemes, for the first time this experiment will be an important milepost in the process of the development of quantum technology." (end)相关的主题文章:

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