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By , November 17, 2017 10:51 pm

China’s mobile phone users need to improve security awareness –IT– original title: China’s mobile phone users to improve the safety awareness of Washington China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released the "Internet network security situation Chinese mobile phone in 2015 report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") shows that as of December 2015, the domestic mobile phone users reached 620 million. Mobile phone users have accounted for 90.1% of total Internet users. As more and more users of personal information flow through the Internet to various types of application services, the user’s mobile phone information security environment is becoming increasingly complex, the security situation is not optimistic. According to the report, as of the end of 2015, 95.9% of mobile phone users believe that they had encountered mobile phone information security incidents. In all encountered mobile phone information security incident users, 52.7% of users think that they have the resulting loss due to leakage of personal information; affect the normal working life and because mobile phone security issues take time and effort to solve the users accounted for 26.4% and 26.1%; a user calls, proportional flow loss or loss of capital account directly the economic loss is 8.9%. The report shows that China’s mobile phone users still need to raise awareness of security. 38% of mobile phone users believe that the current use of mobile Internet is very safe or relatively safe, but that the use of mobile Internet access is not safe or unsafe ratio of only 12.8%. According to the survey, in connection with public wireless network users, 44.7% of users will not confirm whether the public wireless network security situation is directly connected, this part of the user easily in the process of the Internet to reveal your personal information. The vast majority of users in the use of public wireless network to avoid the use of mobile phone shopping or payment, in the case of connecting to the public wireless network using mobile shopping or payment of users accounted for 19.6%. As of December 2015, the domestic mobile security software users reached 450 million, accounting for the overall mobile phone users of 72.6%. Active installation of mobile phone security software has become the mainstream, but the phone is still an important channel for the delivery of the factory system, 25.2% of the user’s mobile phone security software is the phone comes with or pre installed system. (Zhou Zhijun) (commissioning editor: Zhu Chuange, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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