China elementary school campus is the first short military parent teacher

By , April 17, 2018 8:56 am

China elementary school campus is the first short military parent teacher praise recently, the primary school affiliated to Huazhong Normal University for a period of two weeks of military training activities in the campus to carry out one to the sixth grade school, nearly 2000 students took part in the activity. School conditions will be the school playground, basketball field incarnation training ground. This is the first time since the founding of China elementary school military training into the campus. Teachers, parents have expressed great support for this event. According to the training field "left the playground incarnation, right – turn, into China elementary school school, familiar with the password sound in the ears. The past is full of kids running around the playground figure, now a lot of green uniforms of the figure, this is China elementary school is the military training field. Small soldiers are arranged neatly, with the instructor’s instructions to the left and right to do the action. "Now the children are only child is spoiled, this time we take the campus training, can bring children will exercise their physique, cultivate their good habits, when asked how to think of the general introduction of training primary school campus, China elementary school student development center director Liu Chunyan explained," to take this opportunity to develop the collective consciousness of students can enhance the collective cohesion." Participated in the military training of four (4) class and classmates Sun said: "I feel very tired, think of the summer to see the people’s Liberation Army uncle stood motionless in the playground, feel particularly admire." When asked about a harvest, sun and classmates said: "not afraid of hardship, not to do what things are easy to flinch." Turning to the impact of military training on the future, Liu added: after the migration to study life, military training also allows students to learn how to live in the collective learning, how to get along with the students." On security issues in the military training, the school also gave full consideration: one is the location choice on campus and the class class time, has a relatively closed; two is every class except equipped with two to three instructors, the class teacher tracking, to ensure every child can close observe, once what special circumstances can be timely treatment; at the same time, according to the students physical quality, properly reduce the intensity of training; executive school and finally Clinic on standby. Taking into account all pupils age, school students growth center also set up a small red "incentive mechanism, good children can get the instructor to the small red, collect Duomei small red after they can exchange the corresponding level of the gift. The children showed great enthusiasm. Instructors dedicated teachers happy parents can rest assured that the military training scene can be seen, although the instructor severe, but the children are very close to the instructors, a rest time have surrounded the instructors around. Red Star education base Yi Jiafu is the head of the military training, for the children’s performance, he seems very satisfied. "Children are very obedient, very strong learning ability, two classes of time xiangyoukanqi has been implemented." In the training, instructors will consciously increase some small activities, so that the training process becomes more interesting and more effective. For example, standing army, the provisions of the station only two minutes, but the move will add one minute. Children。相关的主题文章:

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