China Construction Bank Anhui branch to enhance the sense of access to primary staff focus

By , April 17, 2018 8:57 am

China Construction Bank branch in Anhui Province: promote grass-roots employees get a sense of   focus tilt line – Anhui Channel – October 14 Hefei Xinhua (Wang Ruihua Ling Lin) recently, the Anhui branch of China Construction Bank adhere to the "development depends on staff development for employees, employees share development achievements", unswervingly promote the tilt to the grassroots, to fully stimulate the vitality and development of grass-roots staff working enthusiasm, a number of indicators to achieve the industry leader, the first half of this year, the general average daily deposit balances jumped to four in the first row. Six unified to guarantee the basic interests of employees of Anhui branch of China Construction Bank in the whole jurisdiction within the scope of the implementation of the basic salary and benefits of the "six unification", namely salary, post salary, supplementary medical insurance and housing provident fund subsidies standards, policies and welfare standards six reunification, at the same time, cancel to enjoy different welfare the system according to the position, significantly enhance the employees basic salary levels and benefits. After the implementation of the "six unification", the basic salary level of the basic staff has been greatly improved, especially the basic staff enthusiasm of the relatively weak line. In Bozhou branch, the basic level of the original staff is relatively weak, the salary and benefits are far below the average of the whole line, staff morale is not high. The "six unified" after the implementation of the policy, their basic wage salary and post salary unit content were doubled, the grass-roots staff working enthusiasm is greatly improved, the comprehensive evaluation system from the bottom to the top of the first half of 2016 has entered the top ten. Five ensure that employees income tilt it is understood that the Anhui branch of China Construction Bank in the realization of the fair starting point, will add income, personnel, the promotion of cadres, staff training and Pingxianpingyou resources continue to tilt to the grassroots, to the value of job creation inclination. Among them, the performance of income, not only reflects the performance of the total re allocation of performance wages, but also reflected in the performance of the two distribution of wages. Branch president Dai Yueming introduced: in the past, the provincial branch and the two branches of the Department of the highest performance income, now take the whole line of the average." At the same time, branch unified cancel rank coefficient, including four professional technical level, employees are assigned on a platform, the performance salary distribution directly with the assessment grade of hook. In other words, even if a new line of employees, if he is a high level of performance, performance pay is higher than the same department of low grade assessment of other personnel, including professional and technical level four. Through the performance of the salary to the grassroots tilt, the business development of the prominent branch of the staff to benefit from extensive. Statistics show that the average salary of the staff of the branch in 2015 increased by 92% compared to revenue growth, which increased by a factor of 120%. In four years, grass-roots level of income growth is much higher than the two level branch, 83% annual salary growth for non staff total revenue, an increase of more than 74% branch of the high level employees; income increased significantly, the general staff income increase is more than two times the annual salary system. Many initiatives to ensure employees benefit from the "six unified" to "five tilt", the Anhui branch of China Construction Bank can truly the policy to the line together, a series of measures to implement the source branch. The responsibility to go up, resources go down". Party committee book相关的主题文章:

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